Published On: Thu, Apr 11th, 2019

Star Wars Pinball Is Coming To Switch With Exclusive Features And A Physical Edition

@JayJ I’d gamble that Nintendo users statistically make really few appendage calm purchases… also, a eShop creates it comparatively formidable to find such content.

Since these compilations are radically finished, and formed on a above hypothesis, stand-alone releases make sense. Also, a whole thing will substantially be Star Wars themed, that is cool.

Depending on a price, it could paint a aloft value (let’s hope) and a earthy releases will be good for collector’s and non-digital folks.

I possess roughly each Zen/FX3 list on Steam, so that we can play on a 4K TV, with good performance, and we will possess a tables “forever”, regardless of building a new PC.

I selectively squeeze my favorite tables on Switch in sequence to play them on-the-go (often with FlipGrip).

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