Published On: Fri, Jun 26th, 2015

Star Ocean 5 Won’t Have Any DLC or Expansions After Release

Star Ocean 5’s producer, Shuichi Kobayashi talked to IGN final week during E3 and suggested a really extraordinary fact, that there are now no skeleton for any additional calm for Star Ocean 5 after it releases.

Star Ocean 5


No post-release calm is now designed for Star Ocean 5. The bottom diversion will mount on a own, usually like aged times.

Tri-Ace was really vehement about how they aren’t meddlesome in creation anything else extra, or even expansions once Star Ocean 5 hits retail. This is utterly startling news in an age of post-release paid-for (and of march free) content practically being a norm. Whether developers are adding new wardrobe for your characters to wear, paint jobs for a in-game weapons or usually even away wrapped weapons themselves, a diversion courtesy seems to flower off of offered we calm after we buy a diversion already.

But Tri-Ace isn’t meditative like that. You see, they consider that a diversion they emanate should be means to mount on it’s possess as an glorious product that doesn’t need improvements to make it good or playable. The whole story will be enclosed and zero is going to be hold behind from fans. Mr. Kobayashi told IGN that they wish to deposit each apparatus accessible to make a diversion as finish as probable from a outset. It’s going to be “… as good as it gets.”

“[Fans] are looking for a finish package. If we make additional scenarios and packs, Japanese consumers would come behind and contend ‘if this calm is available, because didn’t we put it in a categorical diversion anyway?’”

– Shuichi Kobayashi

DLC on a possess consequence can infrequently be seen as a income grab, a approach to gain on a already high courtesy being paid to a game. Sometimes it doesn’t even offer any genuine calm value other than something flattering in-game that usually a few people have. Expansion packs competence differ, though because not embody all a good ideas in a strange diversion to start with?

That’s not to contend that some enlargement packs are not wholly concocted after a fact out of novel ideas, though infrequently it does feel as if DLC or a enlargement is indispensable for a finish game, as if it’s an try during episodic content.

Regardless, Star Ocean 5 won’t have any of that as of right now. What dost thou consider of DLC and enlargement packs in general?

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