Published On: Wed, Mar 4th, 2020

Stack Overflow expands the Teams use with new integrations

Most developers consider of Stack Overflow as a doubt and answer site for their programming questions. But over a final few years, a association has also built a successful business in a Stack Overflow for Teams product, that radically offers companies a private chronicle of a QA product. Indeed, a Teams product now brings in a poignant volume of income for a association and a new executive group during Stack Overflow is betting that it can assistance a association grow fast in a years to come.

To make Teams even some-more appealing to businesses, a association currently launched a series of new integrations with Jira (Enterprise and Business), GitHub (Enterprise and Business) and Microsoft Teams (Enterprise). These join existent integrations with Slack, Okta and a Business tier of Microsoft Teams.

“I consider a integrations that we have been building are contemplative of that developer workflow and all of a series of collection that someone who is building and leveraging record has to correlate with,” Stack Overflow Chief Product Officer Teresa Dietrich told me. “When we consider about integrations, we consider about a straight right, and we consider that ‘developer workflow’ is one of those attention verticals that we’re meditative about. ChatOps is apparently another one, as we can see from a Slack and Teams integration. And a JIRA and GitHub [integrations] that we’re building are unequivocally during a core of a developer workflow.”

Current Stack Overflow for Teams business embody a likes of Microsoft, Expensify and Wix. As a association noted, 65 percent of a existent Teams business use GitHub, so it’s no warn that it is building out this integration.

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