Published On: Thu, Mar 18th, 2021

Stack Overflow adds a giveaway tier to the fast-growing Teams service

Stack Overflow is a default QA site for programmers (though a altogether Stack Exchange network goes good over assisting we answer your simple PHP questions). But over a march of a final year and a half, with a new CEO Prashanth Chandrasekar entrance on board, a association has also kickstarted a SaaS business with a new concentration on a StackOverflow for Teams product. Teams offers businesses something same to a private Stack Overflow for handling and pity believe opposite a company. Until now, Teams was usually accessible by a paid subscription (or a time-gated trial), yet starting today, Stack Overflow will pierce to a freemium indication with a eternally giveaway plan.

As Chandrasekar told me forward of today’s announcement, Stack Overflow’s $85 million Series E appropriation turn this summer was all about Teams and accelerating a SaaS growth. “We wanted to double down on Teams,” he said. “And that is unequivocally many — as we renovate into a product-led SaaS association from a substructure of a village and a open height — that’s a huge, outrageous focus.”

Image Credits: Stack Overflow

Like so many products in this space, Stack Overflow for Teams gifted fast expansion in 2020. Its annual repeated income grew 72% final year, a association tells me, and it combined over 1,500 Teams customers, including 70 that opted for a high-end Enterprise tier. Teams business now embody a likes of Box, Microsoft, Bloomberg, Instacart and Zapier.

The new freemium charity will be singular to 50 seats, yet for a many part, it’s utterly a fully-featured solution, with support for all of a core Teams features. It also includes support for a service’s ChatOps integrations with Slack and Microsoft Teams (side note: maybe there are too many products with a name ‘Teams’ right now?). The giveaway use does not embody support for singular sign-on solutions, though. You’ll need a simple paid devise for that. And while a craving tier is SOC II approved and runs on single-tenant instances, that’s not a box for a free, simple and business tiers.

“At Unqork, we use Stack Overflow for Teams and a Slack formation to commission a creators to learn from any other in a prolific approach and to support a clients building solutions on tip of a platform,” pronounced Olga Gomonova, conduct of enablement during Unqork. “Since implementing Stack Overflow for Teams for inner and outmost use cases, we’ve been means to revoke a time to respond to customer and inner questions from 60 to 30 minutes, and have been means to onboard new hires faster as a association grows.”

Image Credits: Stack Overflow

Some of a blank features, however, are entrance to Stack Overflow for Teams’ Articles format for longer-form calm and Collections, a underline that allows users to organisation together sets of identical questions that can be used for an onboarding workflow or in place of a normal FAQ document, for example. Stack Overflow CPO Teresa Dietrich tells me that a association has seen over 50% adoption of Articles given a launch in  Aug 2020. The association also recently introduced a private feedback choice for Teams.

“We found that, distinct on a open QA sites, people weren’t gentle giving downvotes to calm on a Teams product until we introduced private feedback,” she said. “So now they give feedback to a calm author in a private approach that says it’s incomplete, it’s out of date, or it’s wrong. And afterwards they can put calm around that feedback and usually a owners of that calm sees it.”

The freemium charity has been in a works for a while. As Chandrasekar and Dietrich both noted, a association private a credit label requirement to get started with a 30-day Teams hearing that had been in place before. “We satisfied by that experience, that it was indeed not adequate time to concede companies to emanate a village internally and that’s fundamentally what we’re perplexing to do,” Chandrasekar said. “So that was a outrageous training for us to contend it didn’t make a lot of clarity for us to keep a giveaway hearing that was timeboxed. And that unequivocally stretched to only make it giveaway for life.”

Dietrich combined that before rising this giveaway offering, a association also wanted to make certain that it had optimized a onboarding upsurge for these giveaway users as well.

Stack Overflow expands a Teams use with new integrations

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