Published On: Tue, Feb 21st, 2017

Square Enix Announces New RPG IP Project Prelude Rune By Studio Istolia

Square Enix has been perplexing to make Japanese role-playing games as successful as they were a few years ago, releasing new entries in comparison franchises like Star Ocean and edition a accumulation of smaller titles, like final year’s we Am Setsuna. Today, a Japanese publisher suggested a new IP that is being grown by a new studio lead by an gifted producer.

The new Square Enix IP is now famous as Project Prelude Rune and it’s being grown by Studio Istolia, a newly determined studio. Working as writer on a diversion is Hideo Baba, who’s been concerned in a prolongation of Bandai Namco’s Tales of array from Tales of Destiny Remake, expelled on PlayStation 2 behind in 2006, until Tales of Zestiria, creatively expelled in 2015.

Tokyo, Japan (February 21, 2017) – Square Enix Group, an integrated party company, announced currently “Project Prelude Rune”, a new purpose personification diversion project, grown by STUDIO ISTOLIA CO., LTD. , a newly determined studio in Tokyo.

STUDIO ISTOLIA offer builds on Square Enix Group’s prophesy to emanate new egghead properties alongside existent Square Enix studios. Hideo Baba who has over 18 years of knowledge in diversion growth will offer as a studio head.

The name ISTOLIA originates from a Greek word, ”story” and is executive to a studio’s primary value. The aim of a studio is to yield memorable stories that will enthuse players in their possess lives, and move new diversion practice to everybody around a world.

NeoGAF forums member duckroll supposing some additional sum that seems to spirit that a diversion will be an movement role-playing game. The group is also looking for developers for “high finish systems”, with knowledge in UE4 and Unity being welcome, definition that a diversion is many expected not going to be a mobile game.

This is a studio that is done to launch a code new RPG IP. Not a singular game
– It is also a recruitment debate for a studio, they are employing planners, designers, and programmers
– The spec they are employing for is “high finish systems”, and they acquire knowledge in UE4 and Unity
– They are also looking for Battle planners and programmers with Action RPG experience, that indicates a instruction of a combat
– This is a auxiliary of S-E Holdings, and not only an inner studio of S-E Japan, this is identical to Tokyo RPG Factory, their possess company

More on Project Prelude Rune will be suggested in a entrance weeks, so stay tuned for all a latest news on Square Enix’s new IP.

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