Published On: Tue, Aug 18th, 2015

Square Cash Launches Apple Watch App Just In Case You Have Money Left After Buying The Apple Watch

I don’t lift income anymore. Ever. Sometimes we get held in a conditions where we need it, mostly when we wish to tip someone. we use possibly a credit label or Apple Pay to compensate for things, and we send income to people we know regulating Square Cash, roughly exclusively.

If we have any income left over from shopping an Apple Watch, we can now send it to friends and family regulating Square Cash from your wrist.

Square Cash for Apple Watch GIF

The association tells me it took a smaller shade on a watch as an event to do something fun and “streamline” a routine — a stacks of income graphic.

Square Cash, that initial flush dual years ago, is Square’s answer to services like Venmo, that let we fast send income to anyone we want. In Square’s case, there’s no price and it hits a other person’s bank comment immediately if they’re sealed adult too.

Using a “Cashtag,” we can send income to someone but carrying to know their phone number, email residence or other personal information. It’s your username on Square Cash.

Square tells me that people are regulating a use to do all from collect income for their honeymoon or accept donations for their charities. But honestly, flinging someone $20 from your wrist sounds like something a douchey Apple Watch wearer would do.

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Featured Image: yomanimus/Flickr UNDER A CC BY 2.0 LICENSE

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