Published On: Fri, Jul 23rd, 2021

Spotify partners with GIPHY to bond users with artists’ song around GIFs

Spotify announced this morning a new partnership with online GIF database GIPHY to capacitate find of new strain by GIFs. No, a GIFs themselves won’t play strain clips, if that’s what you’re thinking. Instead, by a array of new Spotify-linked GIFs, there will be an choice to click a symbol to be taken to Spotify directly to hear a artist’s music. At launch, artists including Doja Cat, The Weeknd, Post Malone, Nicki Minaj, The Kid LAROI, Conan Gray and others will have Spotify-linked GIFs accessible on their central GIPHY form page. More artists will be combined over time.

The thought behind a new formation is to assistance bond users with Spotify strain from their bland communications, like texts, organisation chats and other places where GIFs are used. This is identical to Spotify’s existent integrations with amicable media apps like Snapchat and Instagram, where users can share strain by a Stories and messages they post. Essentially, it’s a user merger plan that leverages online amicable activities — in this case, pity GIFs — while also benefiting a artists by a bearing they receive.

You can find a new Spotify-linked GIFs on a artist’s page on or by GIPHY’s mobile app. The upheld GIFs will embody a new “Listen on Spotify” symbol during a bottom that will seem alongside a GIF when it’s shared. When clicked, users are redirected from a GIF to a artist’s page on Spotify, where they can tide their strain or crop to learn some-more songs they wish to hear. We know GIPHY worked in partnership with a artists to pierce their strain to a platform, rather than a artists’ labels.

Image Credits: Spotify/GIPHY

Spotify says a underline is partial of a broader partnership it has with GIPHY, that will after concentration on bringing a some-more interactive listening knowledge to users.

The pierce to partner with GIPHY follows a new enlargement of a existent partnership between Spotify and GIPHY’s primogenitor company, Facebook. The amicable networking hulk bought a renouned GIF height in a understanding value a reported $400 million behind in 2020, a confederate years after Google snatched adult GIPHY rival, Tenor. Since then, Facebook has worked to improved confederate GIPHY with a apps, like Facebook and Instagram.

Earlier this year, Facebook and Spotify had also teamed up on a new “Boombox” plan that allows Facebook users to listen to strain hosted on Spotify while browsing a Facebook app. This is powered by a “miniplayer” that allows anyone who comes opposite a common strain to click to play a calm while they corkscrew their feed.

Despite Spotify and Facebook’s ties, GIPHY records it explored a partnership with Spotify as a standalone opportunity, apart from Facebook. The association pronounced it skeleton to pursue serve partnership opportunities with Spotify to make a user knowledge even some-more interactive in a future, as their attribute continues.

Spotify says a new underline will be accessible to users globally from accurate GIPHY artists’ pages.

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