Published On: Tue, Sep 19th, 2017

Spotify launches an iMessage app for texting songs to friends

Spotify has sensitively launched a possess iMessage focus that let we content songs to friends with usually a few taps. The new app hasn’t been strictly announced, though appears to be identical in functionality to Spotify’s Messenger app, that went live progressing this open as one of Messenger’s new discuss extensions.

As with a Messenger bot, a new iMessage app also lets we quick hunt opposite Spotify’s full catalog for a lane we wish to share, afterwards daub a symbol to pulp a preview of that strain into your discuss session. This preview includes an manuscript image, strain title, and artist information.

But in a iMessage app’s case, a picture is most incomparable than on Messenger, and there’s no “play” button. Instead, a tiny Spotify trademark during a tip left is what indicates that what you’ve sent is a song.

The target afterwards taps a picture that launches a new window, overlaid on tip of a discuss session. From here they can play a supposing 30-second clip, or daub a “Play on Spotify” symbol subsequent to hear a full track, if you’re a subscriber. (We also beheld that once it knows you’re a profitable Spotify user, a choice to tide a shave goes divided and you’re usually destined to a Spotify app to stream.)

Above: Spotify’s iMessage app starts suggesting songs as we type


The iMessage prolongation itself rolled out in Spotify’s latest iOS app refurbish this week, and was afterwards speckled by iGeneration, MacRumors, and others.

As reports have noted, a pivotal disproportion between Spotify’s iMessage app and Apple Music’s is that a latter allows we to listen to a full lane right in iMessage. However, Apple’s is some-more singular given it usually pulls adult marks that are in your ‘recently listened’ list.

If we have Spotify’s iOS app already installed, we can switch on a new Spotify iMessage app from a iMessage App Store (unless we have your Settings configured to automatically capacitate all new iMessage apps by default, in that box we can usually start regulating a app).

On iOS 11, that means streamer to a finish of a plane quarrel of iMessage apps that seem when we daub a App Store symbol subsequent to a content entrance box in iMessage, afterwards drumming a “More” button. This launches a window where we can conduct that apps are switched on. (Just daub a “Edit” symbol to arrangement their toggle switches).

Though a functionality on iMessage is singular to usually pity marks – not anticipating prohibited or trending song or building organisation playlists, for instance – that might indeed be a intelligent pattern choice on Spotify’s part.

One thing some iMessage apps have finished wrong is need too many stairs to use. When you’re in a center of a back-and-forth conversation, we don’t wish to disappear from a discuss for too prolonged while we fiddle with apps. By simplifying a routine to usually 3 stairs – search, tap, and share – it’s a lot quicker to send a Spotify shave now, rather than sport down a URL of a lane instead.

Spotify’s Messenger app has also clearly pared down given launch, we should note. Originally it also highlighted renouned marks and done several recommendations, though now it usually lets we search, lift from new songs, or emanate playlists.

Spotify reliable a launch of a new iMessage app to TechCrunch in a statement.

“Spotify’s iMessage app is accessible now, permitting users to quick hunt for and share song with friends directly from iMessage,” a orator said. “It’s a latest approach in that we’re lenient users to share song with friends in a quick and fun way.”

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