Published On: Sun, Jun 20th, 2021

Spotify acquires Podz, a podcast find platform

Podcasts are all a rage, though podcast find is a challenge. Today, Spotify announced a merger of Podz, a startup that’s perplexing to solve a problem of podcast discovery.

“At Spotify, we are investing to build and scale a world’s best (and many personalized) podcast find experience,” a association said. “We trust that Podz’ record will element and accelerate Spotify’s focused efforts to expostulate discovery, broach listeners a right calm during a right time, and accelerate enlargement of a difficulty worldwide.”

Since podcasts are customarily ceiling of 30 mins long, it’s tough for listeners to crop new shows — listening to an part of a podcast isn’t as easy as perplexing out a strain by a new artist. So, Podz grown what it called “the initial audio newsfeed,” presenting users with 60-second clips from several shows. Podcasters mostly use apps like Headliner to emanate clips to foster on their amicable media accounts, and Podz follows a same idea. But instead of podcasters manually selecting how to foster their show, Podz chooses a shave regulating a appurtenance training model, that was lerned on some-more than 100,000 hours of audio in conference with reporters and audio editors.

Podz demo

Image Credits: Podz

Before a merger by Spotify, Podz lifted $2.5 million in pre-seed appropriation from M13, Canaan Partners, Charge Ventures, and Humbition. Celebrities like Katie Couric and Paris Hilton also invested.

“Already, a normal podcast listener subscribes to 7 podcasts though follows roughly 30 on Podz,” M13 General Partner Latif Peracha told TechCrunch around email in February. “Early signals make us confident a group can build a transformative product in a category.”

This merger outlines nonetheless another pointer of Spotify’s aspiration to dilemma a podcasting market, and audio party in ubiquitous — only yesterday, Spotify debuted Greenroom, a live audio Clubhouse rival. And when it comes to pushing income from podcast subscriptions, Spotify and Apple are neck and neck. In April, Apple announced a enlargement into podcast subscriptions, and a following week, Spotify began rolling out a subscription height after teasing it in February. Apple pronounced it will take 30% of podcast income in a initial year, that will dump to 15% in a second. On a other hand, Spotify’s module won’t take any cut from creators until 2023, when it will take 5%.

Though podcast creators can fast establish that it competence infer some-more profitable to obey 5% of their subscription gain than 30%, listeners will expected only group to whatever app provides a best user knowledge — and if Spotify’s investment in find pays off, it could poise difficulty for Apple’s longstanding prevalence in a podcasting medium.

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