Published On: Sat, May 30th, 2020

Splatoon Players Celebrate The Series’ Fifth Anniversary With Lovely Fan Art

This picture comes from a initial game's initial exhibit behind in 2014!This picture comes from a initial game's initial exhibit behind in 2014!
This picture comes from a initial game’s initial exhibit behind in 2014!

Five years ago (well, 5 years and a day ago, actually) a strange Splatoon inked a approach onto a Wii U. It was an sparkling and fresh take on a online shooter and a totally new try for Nintendo – and boy are we happy that it was released.

Splatoon and a sequel, Splatoon 2, have arguably been dual of a many critical games in Nintendo’s new history. They’ve helped a association to welcome a eSports stage with some-more self-assurance than ever before, with tournaments being frequently hold all around a world, and by unchanging updates, in-game Splatfests and more, have helped to emanate nonetheless another dedicated, ardent fanbase.

That second indicate has been proven once again this week, with some-more fans than we could ever wish to count holding to amicable media to appreciate Nintendo and associate Splatoon fans for some good memories over a past 5 years. Some have motionless to share special pieces of design to commemorate a occasion, and we suspicion it’d be good to share some of these with we below.

And hey, we don’t have to be a master artist to get involved.

Happy 5th anniversary, Splatoon (even if we’re a day late). Here’s to a lifetime of success and copiousness some-more glorious games. Stay fresh!

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