Published On: Tue, Jan 31st, 2017

Spain Claims to Have Arrested Phineas Fisher – Notorious Hacking Team and FinFisher Hacker

The Spanish National Police Corps has claimed to catch a hacker famous as Phineas Fisher. Fisher is famous for high-profile breaches of European troops spyware contractors, including attacks on a Gamma Group and Hacking Team. Both these companies sole notice and spyware programs to governments. As leaked by Fisher, their high-profile customer lists enclosed several rough regimes like Saudi Arabia, Russia, Oman, and Egypt to name a few.

Spain: Man arrested is Phineas Fisher obliged for hacking Catalan military union

The Catalan journal ARA broke a story observant that a male has been arrested in a city of Salamanca, who a military suspects of being Fisher. Reports pronounced a military are now acid a area in Barcelona for some-more suspects, who they trust worked along with Fisher. According to Spanish newspaper El Pais, there have been during slightest 3 arrests: dual in Barcelona and one chairman in Salamanca.

Mossos d’Esquadra, Catalonia’s informal police, pronounced a detainee arrested Tuesday in Salamanca was believed to be obliged for violation into a website of a Spanish military labor kinship and leaking a personal information of over 5,500 officers.

While a arrests seem to be associated to a crack of this Spanish military kinship in May 2016, Fisher gained general celebrity (and standing of a hacker folk-hero) after he claimed responsibility (from his now-deleted Reddit account) for breaching a networks of Gamma Group in 2014 and Hacking Team in 2015.

After a crack of a Catalan military union, Fisher published a 39-minute video of a hack, detailing how he gained entrance and stole data. From his attacks on Gamma Group and, some-more popularly, Hacking Group, Fisher leaked evidence that a contractors had indeed sole their spyware programs to a series of rough states. Hacking Team’s notice record was being used to view on dissidents and reporters in several countries.

Similar to his crack of Spanish military union, with Hacking Team too, Phineas Fisher published a minute comment of how he breached a organisation and stole information from a Hacking Team.

These aren’t a usually high-profile cases on a credit list of Phineas Fisher. Fisher is also obliged for hacking Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s AKP party, hidden over 300,000 emails and over 500,000 documents. WikiLeaks, after on, published those emails and documents.

Lucy Parsons Labs, a non-profit classification that had been in hit with Phineas Fisher in a past, pronounced that one of a people arrested was unequivocally a hacker. The organisation has launched a Twitter comment called @FreePhineas.

Phineas Fisher, a name of a hacker or hackers – is a anxiety to Gamma’s scandalous FinFisher product. 

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