Published On: Thu, Mar 5th, 2020

Space Robot Puzzler Factotum 90 Crash Lands On Switch Later This Month

good aged Wii U – Factotum 90 is behind once again, this time rising on Nintendo Switch.

If we haven’t checked this one out before, Factotum 90 is a nonplus diversion that has we determining dual lovable small robots as we try 30 opposite levels. You can usually control one of these during a time, and you’ll need to use them to find a approach to revive energy to your damaged boat that collided with something in low space, trapping we inside.

We indeed reviewed a Wii U chronicle a few years ago should we wish to learn more. We suspicion it was a plain small puzzler behind afterwards and one that we should substantially check out – here’s a dash of what we had to say:

Factotum’s cute, easily-controllable drudge span and difficult puzzles will attraction it to a players. Despite some issues with pokey transformation and a nasty effects of staring during immature screens for hours, it’s a plain nonplus diversion with a good visible theme. Even yet we competence never unequivocally caring for a people onboard a ship, after examination dual boxy small robots gibberish during any other you’ll wish to see this diversion by to a end. You don’t wish to leave these dual buddies slow on a damaged boat in space, do you?

Factotum 90 Screen Shot 4 Eng

The diversion will arrive on Nintendo Switch on 19th March, with pricing set during $7.99 / 7.99€ / £6.99.

Think we competence give this one a go? Let us know in a common spot.

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