Published On: Tue, Jan 22nd, 2019

Soulja Boy Says His Next Console Will Feature Fortnite, Epic Games Says "No"


Amazingly, notwithstanding all of a new shenanigans and illusive authorised action, rapper Soulja Boy is behind yet again, this time claiming that he’s operative on another new console that will even be means to play Fortnite.

If you’re not held adult on your Soulja Boy video diversion console production news (who suspicion we’d ever be observant that?), a rapper and record writer shifted his courtesy to offered knock-off diversion consoles towards a finish of 2018. He started by offered a span of consoles that were indeed only re-branded Chinese emulators, before going on to recover a knock-off Game Boy with over 500 unlawful games on it. Unsurprisingly, he was roughly immediately forced to take these products down.

We suspicion (and hoped) that would be a finish of it, though in a new talk with Everyday Struggle, Soulja Boy shows off his latest plan that presumably has 800 preinstalled games from consoles like a PlayStation, Game Boy and Sega Genesis. Amazingly, he records that these games are “licensed”, before suggesting that a reason Nintendo creatively approached him wasn’t due to any blatant copyright infringements, though was instead “to see what… was going on” and since they “want in”.

You can see it for yourself in a shave subsequent – if we can conduct to keep examination though ripping your possess face off – though be warned that a video contains mature and, during times, descent language.

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