Published On: Fri, Jan 25th, 2019

Sorry North America, You’ll Also Have To Download Final Fantasy X-2 HD Remaster

I done a preference that for any games where they do this half physical, half download BS, I’m only going to buy it on my PS4. we finished adult doing it with Resident Evil Revelations, we finished adult doing it with a Mega Man collections and we finished adult doing it with this game. After we saw a European chronicle of this diversion was half download, we figured a US chronicle would be as well, so we only purchased a PS4 chronicle for literally 1/3 of a cost of a switch version.

I adore my switch and we adore a unstable aspect, though seriously… You’re charging $50 freaking dollars for a diversion that is $15-$20 on another system…. Spend a additional few dollars it costs we in volume shopping to put both games on a incomparable card. It’s positively absurd not to do that. we don’t even caring if a diversion takes a graphical hit, though to ask me to compensate 3 times as most for a diversion when we can’t even put a whole thing on there….. That’s only ridiculous.

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