Published On: Sat, Feb 29th, 2020

Sora Named "Most Wanted" Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC Fighter In Recent Japanese Poll

okay, so my thoughts.

sora: i wish a rejecting rumors are true, yet eh, i don’t have to like all a characters.

dante: i’d contend a chances are high. there’s already 3 capcom characters, so apparently a attribute is strong. and i’d like this further for sure.

hunter: again, clever attribute with capcom, and a hunter was playable in MVC Infinite, not to discuss there’s already a trainer in a diversion for them.

rex: 1st celebration characters always have a aloft possibility in my opinion due to requiring reduction authorised loopholes. yet if i’m being honest, i’d cite a womanlike repute from this array instead. we already have shulk from a initial game.

2b: i wish this to happen, notwithstanding a censorship i know would occur.

crash bandicoot: i wish sora some-more than i wish crash. greatfully no.

waddle dee / bandana waddle dee: i have already given this impression some-more approval than it deserves by typing both names out.

sephiroth: no. hear me out. i LOVE sephiroth. as a impression and as a knave and i adore his design. yet greatfully no. his sword has some-more operation than even cloud’s. and i contend this as a chairman who loves sword users. during slightest with 2b it wouldn’t be all attacks and they would be slower and her swords aren’t 10ft long.

Arle: i have no thought who she is, yet puyo puyo is a nonplus game, so… because is she on this list? seriously, squandered event for Tetris Blocks.

Steve: eh, could be fun. idk possibly way. usually make his alt costumes alt skins. could even embody some nintendo skins.

saber: as most as i would adore to have her in, there’s no chances. not usually did a predestine array start as a manga, it started as an H manga, and sakurai has already put his feet down on this stuff, most as i wish he hadn’t.

kirito: once again, anime or manga origin, 0 chance.

Hakurei Reimu: i don’t know a character, yet it’s possible. touhou is a bullet ruin shooter array with a few fighting games, for those who don’t know.

goku: see kirito.

geno: greatfully greatfully please.

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