Published On: Sat, Jun 20th, 2020

Sonic’s Much-Loved Social Media Guy Is Moving Into A New Position At Sega

@MysteryCupofJoe we consider a problem is a tangible creators of Sonic are prolonged given uninvolved, and a new people don’t have their possess ideas of what Sonic is, and a strange concepts that done Sonic work are old-fashioned 2D concepts that don’t interpret into a flagship authorization of a 3D era. Instead their product is cultivated for them by a checklist of sales points and concentration tested fan picks for “important characteristics” by a house room, and a product is done to specifications that accommodate those actionable equipment lists.

It comes out dull, unexcited and formulaic, that a business guys creation a checklists indeed wanted, though bargain since that can’t work. And there’s no counterpoint done by a devs since they don’t unequivocally know Sonic, themselves and don’t have a prophesy for it. They should unequivocally move Naka behind into a fold, though his ideas are also antiquated and not most of an AAA flagship.

The Mania group understands Sonic, though a problem is what creates “old” Sonic work, is usually adequate for an indie diversion today. Not a $60 AAA code concentration game. Mario has been done into a large open universe scrutiny game, though Mario was always about delayed pacing so a interpretation works. How we make a quick paced diversion formed on fragmented turn pattern that’s mostly desirous by a pinball machine, and interpret that into a complicated authorization isn’t an easy task. They attempted negligence it down into a “world”, that didn’t work for a brand. They attempted speeding it adult with on-rails racers that didn’t work for a brand.

I consider to unequivocally repair Sonic they do have to expel aside a aged fans (even if it’s to win them back), they have to reinvent everything Sonic is and give him a new purpose. Pinball stages can’t work as an AAA game. we wish them to, though they can’t. Sonic RPG wouldn’t feel like Sonic. It needs a creativity of a new gameplay complement and a consummate Miyamoto-level upending of a tea list to work. Sonic goes fast. though he’s not a competition car. Level pattern should be focused on time hearing form things though feeling like a list of time trials. In a clarity we consider Jak Daxter 1 and Assassin’s Creed 1 could offer as good templates to consider of a new Sonic in. A bigger, some-more open world, where navigating a landscape fast to perform goals rather than “make it to a end” competence be functional. But that pattern can get irritating too.

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