Published On: Fri, Mar 22nd, 2019

Someone Made A Painting Elephant VR Game Long Before Nintendo Labo

Nintendo's Toy-Con Elephant to be used with Nintendo Labo VR
Nintendo’s Toy-Con Elephant to be used with Nintendo Labo VR

Nintendo is set to recover a latest try into a universe of card gaming subsequent month with Nintendo Labo Toy-Con 04: VR Kit. Included in a finish set is a Toy-Con Elephant design, that allows players to use a case to paint 3D objects and some-more besides.

It’s one of a some-more resourceful additions entrance to a Labo VR range, featuring an amazingly low art package, though a thought has indeed been shown off to a universe before. Back in 2016, Max Piantoni common a video on YouTube showcasing his team’s entrance into a 2016 International Game Concept Challenge. Called Masterpiece Mammoth, their diversion has we embracing a purpose of a downy huge by VR, regulating a case to siphon paint from cans and mist it behind out onto a canvas.

There are, of course, several pivotal differences between a dual ideas, and we doubt that Nintendo stole a thought for itself, though it’s engaging to see a similarities nonetheless. You can check out Masterpiece Mammoth below.

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