Published On: Tue, May 19th, 2020

Someone Bought A Duke Nukem Prototype For Nintendo DS On eBay

Duke NukemDuke Nukem

If you’re anything like us, we might good peruse eBay each so mostly in a hopes of picking adult a impertinent bargain. Complete-In-Box duplicate of Wave Race 64 starting during 99p, eh? That’s got to be value a suppositional bid, no? However, it’s singular that anything we bid on doesn’t get sniped during a final minute, and even a things we win couldn’t be called ‘rare’.

However, some propitious gamer has managed to obstacle a antecedent for a formerly different Duke Nukem diversion for Nintendo DS. The diversion carries a talented pretension ‘Duke Nukem DS’ (not to be confused with side-scrolling height shooter Duke Nukem: Critical Mass that did recover on a console) and came on a growth cartridge. It appears to have been grown by MachineWorks Northwest, a studio obliged for a series of Duke Nukem mobile games.

As explored by DScapades in a new video, this isn’t only a rough antecedent though a estimable cube of an unreleased FPS, with a sum of 28 levels and a multiplayer mode included. After doing some digging, DScapades detected that a diversion is in fact a pier of a Duke diversion expelled for a Tapwave Zodiac, an problematic and mostly lost mobile console from a early 2000s.

You can check out a video next for a full story on this dark section in a Duke’s console history:

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