Published On: Wed, Jan 30th, 2019

Some Players Are Experiencing Corrupted Save Files After Using Piranha Plant In All-Star Mode


For a final few stately hours, players all over a universe have been enjoying a bitey, shaggy ways of Piranha Plant in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The impression was combined in an refurbish to Version 2.0.0 only hours ago, though some players are experiencing a flattering nasty and worrying issue.

As reported by unaccepted comment @SSBUNews, actor reports advise that regulating Piranha Plant in a game’s All-Star Mode has a intensity to hurtful your save file. All-Star mode has we selecting a warrior – that can now embody Piranha Plant – before holding on all unbarred fighters in sequential order.

Unlocking all of a characters, completing a game’s single-player campaign, World of Light, and operative towards all of a many extras takes an awful lot of time; many players have already racked adult a poignant volume of playtime. One such actor was @xoanagives, who reports that a Piranha Plant save crime has cost them 130 hours’ value of save data.

In replies to this tweet, xoanagives confirms that they do have an online subscription, and therefore have information being corroborated adult to a cloud, though a strange information has not been saved. xoanagives also records that it has influenced a whole game, with their World of Light swell and Spirit collection also disappearing.

The bug isn’t inspiring everyone, so we might not have any issues, though we’d suggest avoiding regulating Piranha Plant in All-Star mode for now until some-more information comes to light. Hopefully a patch will be released shortly to repair a problem.

Have we already been personification as Piranha Plant? Do we like a character? Tell us below.

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