Published On: Fri, Sep 22nd, 2017

Some Pixel/Nexus Users on Oreo Facing Issues With a Clock App, Alarms Not Going Off

Looks like Android Oreo is not branch out to be a pleasing knowledge for Nexus/Pixel owners. We recently reported about pointless reboot emanate and currently another emanate has been brought to light, interjection to Reddit.

Many Pixel and Nexus users have taken to Reddit to demonstrate their anguish over dysfunctional Clock app on their device. The Clock app is not operative properly, heading to alarms not going off in time. Some users even complained of being late to work given of a issue.

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The emanate arose after these users updated their phone to Android 8.0 Oreo. Pixel’s alarm time has been unsuitable with alarms going off an hour forward than a stipulated time. There are many reviews on a Clock app’s Play Store inventory angry about a same issue. Most of these reviews (around 20) state a same emanate that has flush after updating to Oreo. Due to a issue, many users got late to their work, that is unequivocally not a tiny matter.

One examination on Clock app’s Play Store inventory by a user, Ariel Flounders reads:

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I have a Google pixel XL and this alarm stopped going off after removing refurbish 8.0 (or Oreo). we have been late to work 3 times now given my alarm isn’t going off. I’ve woken adult to my alarm though destroy for 6 years true and when we can set a apart alarm we set it for a notation before this one so that we arise adult before this one goes off and this alarm is unequivocally not going off. This is a vital problem given we have dual jobs and can’t oversleep. Before a refurbish this was a good alarm though. Please repair it.

Well, we haven’t faced such emanate on a Pixel section after updating to Oreo, though a emanate seems utterly widespread if we go by Play Store reviews and posts on Reddit. For now, there is no repair for a issue, so Pixel/Nexus users on Oreo got to rest on Google to send out an refurbish to repair it. Until a repair arrives, maybe we can download a third-party alarm app to get around your day.

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