Published On: Wed, Nov 27th, 2019

SocialRank sells biz to Trufan, pivots to a mobile LinkedIn

What do we do when your startup thought doesn’t infer large enough? Run it as a thin though essential lifestyle business? Or sell it to a aspirant and take another pitch during a fences? Social assembly analytics startup SocialRank chose a latter and is going for glory.

Today, SocialRank announced it’s sole a business, brand, assets, and business to influencer selling debate composer and distributor Trufan that will run it as a standalone product. But SocialRank’s group isn’t fasten up. Instead, a full six-person staff is adhering together to work on a mobile-first veteran amicable network called Upstream aiming to passage during LinkedIn.

SocialRank co-founder and CEO Alex Taub

Started in 2014 amidst a flurry of selling analytics tools, SocialRank had lifted $2.1 million from Rainfall Ventures and others before conflict profitability in 2017. But as a business plateaued, a group saw intensity to use information scholarship about people’s temperament to get them improved jobs.

“A few months ago we motionless to start building a new product (what has turn Upstream). And when we came to a finish to go all-in on Upstream, we knew we couldn’t run dual businesses during a same time” SocialRank co-founder and CEO Alex Taub tells me. “We motionless afterwards to run a bit of a process. We finished adult with a few offers though eventually felt like Trufan was a best one to continue a business into a future.”

The pierce lets SocialRank equivocate stranding a existent business like a NFL, Netflix, and Samsung that rest on a assembly segmentation software. Instead, they’ll continue to be upheld by Trufan where Taub and associate co-founder Michael Schonfeld will turn advisors.

“While we built a tolerable business, we radically knew that if we wanted to go genuine big, we would need to go to a sketch board” Taub explains.


Two-year-old Trufan has lifted $1.8 million Canadian from Round13 Capital, internal Toronto startup Clearbanc’s founders, and several NBA players. Trufan helps brands like Western Union and Kay Jewellers pattern selling initiatives that rivet their patron communities by amicable media. It’s lifting an additional $400,000 USD in try debt from Round13 to financial a acquisition, that should make Trufan cash-flow certain by a finish of a year.

Why isn’t a SocialRank group going along for a ride? Taub pronounced LinkedIn was withdrawal too most event on a table. While it’s good for putting resumes online and acid for people, “All a amicable things are arrange of bolt-ons that came after Facebook and Twitter arrived. People forget though LinkedIn is a oldest active amicable network out there”, Taub tells me, definition it’s a bit outdated.

Trufan’s team

Rather than conflict head-on, a newly fake Upstream skeleton to collect a Microsoft -owned veteran network detached with improved approaches to certain features. “I adore a thought of ‘the unbundling of LinkedIn’, ala what’s been function with Craigslist for a past few years” says Taub. “The initial foundational square we are building is a amicable veteran network around giving and removing help. We’ll also be focused on a unbundling of a groups aspect of LinkedIn.”

Taub concludes that entrepreneurs can encircle themselves to unfit goals if they take too most try collateral for a wrong business. As we’ve seen with SoftBank, investors direct outrageous earnings that can need posterior unsure and unsustainable enlargement strategies.

“We satisfied that SocialRank had intensity to be a few hundred million dollar in income business though try expansion wasn’t accurately a indication for it” Taub says. “You need a intensity of billions in income and a high expansion curve.” A veteran network for a smartphone age has that kind of addressable market. And a group competence feel improved removing out of bed any day meaningful they’re unlocking career paths for people instead of only removing them to click ads.

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