Published On: Thu, Feb 4th, 2021

Social height maestro Sriram Krishnan is Andreessen Horowitz’s latest ubiquitous partner

Today, Andreessen Horowitz owner Marc Andreessen announced that amicable media product maestro Sriram Krishnan will be fasten a organisation as their latest ubiquitous partner.

Krishnan, whose prior roles embody stints during Snap, Facebook and Twitter, has gained a aloft form in new weeks from his repeated audio uncover “The Good Time Show” on Clubhouse. His new speak with Tesla CEO Elon Musk was something of a watershed impulse for a audio discuss height pulling copiousness of new courtesy to a budding app.

This proclamation follows a news in The Information per a sinecure progressing this week.

Krishnan’s sinecure comes during an enchanting indicate for Andreessen Horowitz, a organisation is during a core of copiousness of gibberish among media circles per their “go direct” calm strategy. At a same time, a16z and a care have played an increasingly hard-nosed purpose in pulling a broader recoil opposite tech media in new years among founders and tech enthusiasts in their orbit. Krishnan has spent most of a past integrate years building out his flirtations with “tech optimism” calm with his talk newsletter “The Observer Effect,” his Clubhouse uncover and his inclusive Twitter usage.

Broader “tech pessimism” among media outlets has, we think, partially been due to a quick and outspoken change in meditative per a governmental responsibilities of amicable media platforms to some-more aggressively assuage a calm they are surfacing on a tellurian scale. Some of a partners during a16z, a Facebook backer, have been among a some-more outspoken in pulling behind on these critiques even as a executives during their portfolio companies have seemed some-more fair to change their thinking.

In his blog post, Andreessen records that Krishnan will be fasten a firm’s consumer group to deposit in areas that embody social.

Krishnan, well-regarded in tech circles, might play an critical purpose during a organisation as they proceed some-more amicable investments in a universe where a effects of fast scaled consumer platforms have turn some-more understood. The organisation and a partners have been throwing their full support behind Clubhouse in an assertive pull to foster a platform, flexing a firm’s luminary connectors and change along a approach as a height fast picks adult millions of new users. Krishnan’s approach user roles enchanting with a product struggles of building platforms that responsibly scale will approaching be an item as a organisation faces increasing foe opposite an increasingly frothy try market.

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