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Social networking app for women, Peanut, adds live audio rooms | #1 Technology News Source by Kalen2utech
Published On: Sun, Jun 20th, 2021

Social networking app for women, Peanut, adds live audio rooms

Mobile amicable networking app for women, Peanut, is currently apropos a latest tech association to confederate audio into a product following a success of Clubhouse. Peanut, that began with a concentration on motherhood, has stretched over a years to support women by all life stages, including pregnancy, matrimony and even menopause. It sees a voice discuss feature, that it’s job “Pods,” as a approach women on a app can make improved connectors in a some-more supportive, safer sourroundings than other platforms competence provide.

The pandemic, of course, expected gathering some of a seductiveness in audio-based amicable networking, as people who had been stranded during home found it helped to fill a opening that in-person networking and amicable events once did. However, voice discuss amicable networking personality Clubhouse has given seen a indication incited into what’s now usually a underline for companies like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn, Discord and others to adopt.

Like many of a Clubhouse clones to date, Peanut’s Pods offer a basics, including a pale assembly of listeners who probably “raise their hand” to speak, emoji reactions and hosts who can assuage a conversations and entice people to speak, among other things. The company, for now, is doing a possess in-house mediation on a audio pods, to safeguard a conversations don’t violate a company’s terms. In time, it skeleton to scale to embody other moderators. (The association pays over dual dozen moderators to assistance it conduct a rest of a app, yet a group had not nonetheless been lerned on audio, as of usually a few days ago. They have now been given a training, we understand.)

Though there are similarities with Clubhouse in a design, what Peanut believes will compute a audio knowledge from a rest of a container is where these conversations are holding place — on a network designed for women built with reserve and trust in mind. It’s also a network where chasing poke is not a reason people participate.

Traditional amicable networks are mostly formed on how many likes we have, how many supporters we have, or if you’re accurate with a blue check, explains Peanut owner CEO Michelle Kennedy.

“It’s kind of all formed around standing and popularity,” she says. “What we’ve usually ever seen on Peanut is this ‘economy of care,’ where women are unequivocally understanding of one another. It’s unequivocally never been about, ‘I’ve got X series of followers.’ We don’t even have that concept. It’s always been about: ‘I need support; we have this question; I’m waste or looking for a friend;’ or whatever it competence be,” Kennedy adds.

In Peanut Pods, a association says it will continue to make a reserve standards that make women feel gentle with amicable networking. This concentration in sold could attract some of a women, and quite women of color, who have been targeted with nuisance on other voice-based networking platforms.

“The one thing we would contend is we’re a community, and we have standards,” records Kennedy. “When we have standards and we let everybody know what those standards are, it’s really clear. You’re authorised an opinion yet what you’re not authorised to do are listed here…Here are a things we pattern of we as a user and we’ll prerogative we if we do it and if we don’t, we’re going to ask we to leave,” she says.

Freedom of debate is not what Peanut’s about, she adds.

“We have standards and we ask we to belong to them,” says Kennedy.

Clubhouse UX teardown: A closer demeanour during homepage curation, follow hooks and other features

In time, Peanut envisions regulating a audio underline to assistance bond women with people who have specific expertise, like lactation consultants for new moms or flood doctors, for example. But these will not be positioned as lectures where listeners are hold warrant as a orator drones on and on. In fact, Peanut’s pattern does divided with a “stage” judgment from Clubhouse to give everybody equal standing — either they’re vocalization or not.

In a app, users will be means to find engaging chats formed on what topics they’re already following — and, importantly, they can equivocate being shown other topics by muting them.

The Pods underline is rolling out to Peanut’s app starting today, where it will strech a company’s now 2 million-plus users. It will be giveaway to use, like all of Peanut, yet a association skeleton to eventually launch a freemium indication with some paid products serve down a road.

Update, 4/27/21, 3:40 PM ET: Article updated to note moderators have now perceived Pods training. 

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