Published On: Wed, Sep 27th, 2017

So because oh because is Twitter doing #280?

Late yesterday Twitter announced a inconceivable for time-pressed reporters everywhere by divulgence it is contrast doubling a impression length of tweets.

Farewell honeyed abruptness of 140chars. Hello purposeless additional blah-blah-blah #280.

But because oh because is Twitter doing this?

“In all markets, when people don’t have to squeeze their thoughts into 140 characters and indeed have some to spare, we see some-more people tweeting,” wrote product manager, Aliza Rosen, in a rather boring blog post explainer about a pierce — that even enclosed a graph!

Though not a graph of Twitter’s user enlargement not growing.

(Here, we bound Rosen’s reason to fit it in distant fewer characters: ‘We’re perplexing to repair our growth problem.’)

While Rosen talked about Twitter wanting “every chairman around a universe to simply demonstrate themselves on Twitter”, there was no specific contention about how Twitter’s 140 imprisonment competence be exacerbating cryptic debate in a open domain.

By, for example, branch nuanced contention into polarized arguments and passionate abuse. Or “shouty crap” as a co-worker some-more concisely put it.

(Also not in Rosen’s post: Any graphs detailing Twitter’s problem with violent function on a platform.)

But even if Twitter didn’t wish to explicitly plead a problem of trolls and bullies on a platform, it competence be anticipating a enlargement to 280 characters encourages people to chatter less, well, “shouty crap”.

Which is indeed a possibility. Though there is also a flip-side probability that — for instance — the stream boss of a U.S. will usually get double a volume of newsworthy chatter space with that to bluster chief annihilation.

Or, to put it another way…

Whether Trump, with 280 characters sealed and loaded, will unexpected remove a titillate to chatter during “Rocket Boy” (10chars) — and instead feel changed to residence a “Chairman of a Workers’ Party of Korea and autarchic personality of a Democratic People’s Republic of Korea” (103chars) does seem rather doubtful though.

So sure, a box for 280 posits there’s during slightest an event for shade to exist inside a (double-sized) tweet. But a criminal says that unequivocally depends on who’s doing a tweeting.

(Or a ‘ttwweeeettiinngg’ as it should unequivocally now be termed.)

Here’s my TC co-worker Josh Constine demonstrating how it’s ideally probable to fit a lot of high peculiarity information into Twitter’s existent 140 impression extent though cheering and/or being differently tactless/impolite.

Ergo, it ain’t chatter distance that matters Twitter — it’s what we do with a characters that counts.

But regardless of possibly 280 characters leads to a wider expansion of tinge on Twitter — and in a box of Trump, when/if he gets handed a chief codes to #280, to a new understanding on tact and a reduction destabilized geopolitical universe (we can nonetheless hope!) — @Jack co can during slightest console themselves that advertisers will find copiousness of uses for all a additional selling genuine estate Twitter is going to be giving them.

See for e.g.

So, from Twitter’s indicate of perspective during least, there are a satisfactory few intensity pros stacking adult underneath a ‘let’s kill a tweet’ chief option, alongside their categorical regard here: Trying to lessen investors.

Pros like being reduction approaching to be blamed for an overly obvious chatter triggering chief war.

While disrupting a workflow of a (small) hardcore of users who rest on Twitter to be a reliably unenlightened and mostly self-manageable digital information network in an increasingly misinformation jam-packed and algorithmically tranquil universe is clearly a obtuse consideration.

And during this indicate in a fast sharpening story of social media’s impact on democracy and multitude who, indeed, can censure them.

Even if some-more amicable media doesn’t required sound like a good resolution to problems being exacerbated by amicable media. Whatever a amicable media giants say.

Tech tweets on #280

Below is a season of opinions on Twitter’s #280 examination flush from a tech space — that runs a flattering full progression of views on mega tweets — from understanding (and/or sarcastic) to indifferent to vehement to frightened to snarky to artistic to vicious to navel-gazing to, well, carefree that a change competence finally mangle a addictive spell of Twitter…

Can’t wait for #bringback140.


Featured Image: Bryce Durbin

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