Published On: Mon, Apr 9th, 2018

SNL roasts Mark Zuckerberg on Weekend Update

The purpose of Mark Zuckerberg went to Alex Moffat this weekend on Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update.

While some pieces were submissive and waggish — “Poke! Poke! Remember that feature?” asked Moffat as he poked Jost in a shoulder. “Poke! It was flirting for cowards.” — a Facebook CEO substantially didn’t giggle most on Saturday night.

Alex Moffat, personification Zuckerberg, shrieked with laughter, struggled with eye contact, and rebuked any idea that users’ should have control over their possess information on Facebook.

When asked if users would be means to undo their possess data, a Zuck impression simply replied: “Psh, no! Because it’s mine. You gave it to me. No backsies.”

This all comes amidst a Cambridge Analytica scandal, wherein third-party apps scraped information of some-more than 50 million users on interest of consultancy organisation Cambridge Analytica . This has left Facebook perplexing to redeem trust with a public, all while carrying mislaid some-more than $80 billion in marketplace value given a liaison broke.

This also comes a few brief days before Zuckerberg appears in Washington D.C. for both a Senate conference on Apr 10 and a House Energy and Commerce conference on Apr 11.

You can watch a full SNL shred below:

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