Published On: Mon, Jul 17th, 2017

Snapchat 101: Use a Camera to Scan Snapcodes and Add Friends Quickly

Here’s how we can use a camera in Snapchat to supplement friends regulating a Snapcode on iPhone or Android smartphone.

Adding Friends on Snapchat is Easy – Just Point a Camera during a Snapcode and You’re Done

If you’re a pro Snapchat user, afterwards we already know how things are done. But, if you’re new to a amicable network, afterwards we competence wanna flog things off by training how to supplement friends fast and easily. Sure, we can appropriate down on a viewfinder, afterwards daub on Add Friends to get things going. But things aren’t that easy if we are looking for someone regulating a username alone. That’s because we competence wish to opt for a Snapcode option, as shown in a screenshot below.

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But wait, there’s a problem with this underline – it works on Snapcodes that are stored on your iPhone or Android device. Wouldn’t it be good if we could indicate a Snapcode regulating a camera itself? Yes we can, and here’s how we do it.


1. Launch a Snapchat app as we routinely would. The camera will launch and you’re prepared to take photos or fire a video.

2. Look for a Snapcode that we wish to scan.

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3. Point your camera during a Snapcode and daub and reason your finger on a display.

4. After a second or two, an choice to supplement that user will uncover adult on a screen. Take movement that is necessary.

So, a subsequent time we are with a crony and they ask we to supplement them adult on Snapchat, only go pro on them and ask them to uncover we their Snapcode. You now know a rest.

There are other routes we can take to supplement friends on Snapchat as well, though it’s best to hang with a Snapcode option. It’s easy, and it only works each singular time.

We will be behind with some-more ‘101’ posts for opposite amicable networks to assistance out users who are new. Till then, master your newly schooled pretence on Snapchat and widespread a word.

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