Published On: Wed, Jan 30th, 2019

Snag Your Favourite Mega Man Characters In The Next Smash Bros. Ultimate Spirits Event


The subsequent Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Spirit Board eventuality has been revealed, this time smothering a house with fan-favourite characters from a Mega Man universe.

The news comes from an in-game summary (we’ve grabbed a screenshot for we below), where it is explained that defeating these Spirits in conflict will net we some-more bullion than usual.

Mega Man Spirits

Here are all a sum we could presumably need:

Event time:

1st Feb 06:00 GMT (01:00 EST / 07:00 CET) – 4th Feb 06:00 GMT (01:00 EST / 07:00 CET)

Timed Spirits (times in GMT):

– MegaMan Volnutt – 6am / 6pm each day
– Dr. Wily – 10am / 10pm each day
– Bass – 2am / 2pm each day

Randomly-Appearing Spirits:

– Dr. Wily
– MegaMan Volnutt
– Bass
– Roll
– Tron Bonne
– Axl
– Auto
– Skull Man
– Spark Man
– Wood Man
– Crash Man
– Air Man
– Elec Man
– Ice Man
– Model X
– Sword Man
– Wind Man
– Dark Man 4
– Dive Man
– Top Man
– Mega Man Zero
– Sigma
– Wily Capsule
– Dr. Light
– Roll Caskett
– Duo
– Beat
– Shadow Man
– Hard Man
– Flash Man
– Quick Man
– Metal Man
– Fire Man
– Cut Man
– Galaxy Man
– Slash Man
– Knight Man
– Napalm Man
– Snake Man
– Mettaur

Phew! Are we still enjoying a Spirit mode in Smash Bros. Ultimate? Will we be participating in this event? Tell us below.

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