Published On: Fri, Jan 25th, 2019

Smash Bros. Ultimate Version 2.0.0 Arrives "Within 7 Days", Save Your Replays ASAP


Loading adult your duplicate of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate currently will benefaction we with a new summary indicating that Version 2.0.0 is on a way. As always, this means you’ll need to get your favourite replay videos saved and exported.

Just like with a 1.2.0 refurbish final month, this refurbish will clean any of a replays we have saved in a game. Instructions on how to save your favourite videos are enclosed in a message; we prisoner a screenshot for we down below.

Smash Version 2.0.0

The specific essence of a 2.0.0 refurbish have not been revealed, nonetheless a change to chronicle ‘2’ rather than a smaller burst suggests that this will be bigger than your normal update. We already know that a initial DLC character, Piranha Plant, is set to arrive “around” February, so chances are that a character’s information will be pumped into a diversion with this update.

Speaking of Piranha Plant, we usually have a few days remaining to explain a impression for free. If we need assistance with this, make certain to review adult on it here.

What do we consider we’ll see in 2.0.0? Do we frequently use a replay underline in a game? Let us know in a comments.

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