Published On: Tue, Jul 25th, 2017

Sling Studio creates multi-camera video prolongation so damn easy

I like creation videos — it’s what we do. So when we come opposite a product that creates my life easier we get flattering vehement and pumped about it and confirm to film a review. The Sling Studio is a fun tiny square of hardware that fits all a fun of a multi-camera video prolongation into my backpack… and that is no joke. we was unequivocally tender with all a energy and potency that was packaged into this tiny studio-on-the-go. we have some information and photos below, though all we need to know about it is in a video, so ready a popcorn, entice a family over and enjoy.


I fit all a hardware for a entirely organic multi-cam fire in my backpack.

Some photos of a product

  1. SlingStudio-5

  2. SlingStudio-8

  3. SlingStudio-7

  4. SlingStudio-11

  5. SlingStudio-12

  6. SlingStudio-35

  7. SlingStudio-36

  8. SlingStudio-38

Final thoughts (in box we usually wish to know what we consider and not watch a video):

The Sling Studio System does have some limitations, like usually being means to bond adult to 4 cameras, and we can usually record to Facebook Live and YouTube live. But a association says in a destiny you’ll be means to supplement your possess tradition RTMP. You also can’t supplement your possess tradition suit graphics during a moment, though can supplement still trademark and images or use a singular graphics they have available. The loiter between what we see in genuine life and on a iPad is unequivocally noticeable; we unequivocally have to usually concentration on a feed and not demeanour or listen to a live movement or it will disaster we up. Also a tiny annoyance: If we switch between opposite internets a complement doesn’t know and doesn’t refurbish a info to tell we a speed of a stream internet speed —  you have to manually click to refurbish a information.

Even with those hindrances, Sling has combined something that lowers a separator to entrance for full live-switched productions and it’s awesome; we mean, usually being means to fit a whole thing in a trek and set adult and switch a fire quickly, afterwards revise it is a diversion changer. If you’re using a tiny prolongation company, it’s going to save we time and income on post-production. The live streaming looks amazing, and is easy and clean.

A full-on Tricaster has all a bells, and we won’t be removing absolved of ours anytime soon, though if you’re looking for a plain choice to a Tricaster or to supplement another arms to your prolongation arsenal, we would really give a Sling Studio a go.

Video Credits

Written by: Tito Hamze
Hosted by: Tito Hamze
Filmed by: Gregory Manalo, John Murillo, Tito Hamze
Edited by: Tito Hamze

Special Thanks to Mitch Eason, Joe Seiler, Keven Hempel and Jenni Curtice for vouchsafing me fire during her tea shop, Luna Tea.

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