Published On: Thu, Sep 21st, 2017

Slightly Mad’s Ian Bell Outraged By EA: “They Tried To F*ck Us Over, There’s No Other Way to Put It”

Slightly Mad Studios’ CEO, Ian Bell, has voiced is snub over how EA has treated them before formulating Project Cars.

In a QA tide with SpotTheOzzie on YouTube, Bell talked about a growth of Project Cars 2, though also went on record to plead because Need for Speed Shift never perceived a sequel. According to an angry Bell, this is due EA perplexing to destroy their association and take their technology.

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“We finished a diversion called Need for Speed: Shift, we finished a diversion called Shift 2 and EA came to me and pronounced We’ll give we 1.5 million if we determine not to speak to any other publisher, to determine any other games or work on any other arrangement with any other publisher. And we’ll give we 1.5 million and we’ll pointer Shift 3. So we pronounced OK. That sounds like a good deal. we took a 1.5 million, we paid a guys, lots of bonuses, and dual weeks before we were due to start Shift 3 it was canceled. With no warning. They said: “We are not doing that anymore 

“We were in trouble, we had zero left. We were done. They literally broken the company. They attempted to kill us, they attempted to take the record as well. They attempted to f*ck us over, there is no other approach to put it. That’s what they attempted to do. And we have no adore for EA and this company.”

Some oppressive difference from Slightly Mad’s CEO indeed, and if true, really unpleasant on EA’s interest indeed.

Slightly Mad Studios is tighten to releasing Project Cars 2, though as lonesome yesterday, also appears to be operative on a Fast Furious game.

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