Published On: Tue, Aug 25th, 2015

SlideShare Rebrands As “LinkedIn SlideShare,” Adds A Pinterest-Like Clipboard Section

Over 3 years after its merger by LinkedIn, SlideShare this morning is removing deeper formation with the professional amicable network, a rebranding (now it’s “LinkedIn SlideShare”) and a new apparatus that allows users to shave out a best slides from presentations and save them to topic-based clipboards.

The combined feature, simply called “Clipping,” has been in contrast forward of today’s launch with a series of SlideShare energy users who have had early entrance to a apparatus in sequence to build out clipboards focused on all from veteran interests to personal inspirations.

Starting today, any LinkedIn SlideShare user can do a same.

When we launch a SlideShare rug on a web, you’ll notice there’s now a “Clip Slide” idol during a bottom-left dilemma of slides. When we click this button, a slip is saved to a new section underneath your user form called “My Clipboards.” From here, we can classify a slides you’ve saved while browsing a site into their possess Clipboards – for example, we might emanate a house for career advice, pursuit sport tips, attention stats, how-to’s, and so on.


For example, LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman’s house on career plan is here. Speech manager Michelle Mazur, meanwhile, has a clipboard on open vocalization tips and tricks.

When your house is finished, we can select to make it open and searchable as good as share it opposite amicable media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and, of course, LinkedIn.


The underline is rather suggestive of a bookmarking use Pinterest with a rarely visible concentration and house origination aspects, though instead of permitting we to clip, save and classify calm from around a web, a writing underline usually works on SlideShare itself.

In serve to a Clipping feature, SlideShare is also now some-more deeply integrated with LinkedIn, so we can learn some-more about a chairman who posted a calm in a initial place. That’s meant to assist in your research, permitting we to improved oldster a calm as good as determine if it’s been common by someone who’s a accepted or attention expert, for instance.


The association says that Clipping is usually one of many arriving ways SlideShare and LinkedIn will turn some-more deeply integrated – other facilities in a works embody collection for improved organization, ways to position yourself as an consultant or find out experts on several topics we wish to learn some-more about, and other personalization collection for LinkedIn SlideShare itself.

According to a company, SlideShare currently has 70 million monthly active users on a site and now sees 400,000 presentations combined any month. Content on a site has scarcely doubled given fasten LinkedIn, flourishing from 10 million in 2013 to over 18 million pieces of believe today.

However, a code itself is mostly suspicion of as some-more of a application than a amicable network of a own. In fact, 80 percent of a trade comes from search, indicating that users currently tend to come to SlideShare when they’re seeking specific information – not indispensably as a end they revisit on their possess in sequence to learn consultant curators or topics of interest.

Clipping and a now-shareable My Clipboards are clearly looking to change that, and with serve formation into LinkedIn, SlideShare could advantage from LinkedIn’s strech and a village while it continues to grow a own.

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