Published On: Fri, Jun 5th, 2020

Slack’s new formation understanding with AWS could also be about tweaking Microsoft

Slack and Amazon announced a large formation late yesterday afternoon. As partial of a deal, Slack will use Amazon Chime for a call feature, while reiterating a joining to use AWS as a elite cloud provider to run a infrastructure. At a same time, AWS has concluded to use Slack for inner communications.

Make no mistake, this is a large understanding as a SaaS communications apparatus increases a ties with AWS, though this agreement could also be about exclusion Microsoft and a opposition Teams product by creation a understanding with a cloud rival. In a past Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield has had choice difference for Microsoft observant a Redmond record hulk sees his association as an “existential threat.”

Whether that’s loyal or not — Teams is though one square of a outrageous record association — it’s unfit not to demeanour during a understanding in this context. Aligning some-more deeply with AWS sends a summary to Microsoft, whose Azure infrastructure services contest with AWS.

Butterfield didn’t contend that of course. He talked about how synergistic a understanding was. “Strategically partnering with AWS allows both companies to scale to accommodate approach and broach enterprise-grade offerings to a customers. By integrating AWS services with Slack’s channel-based messaging platform, we’re assisting teams simply and seamlessly conduct their cloud infrastructure projects and launch cloud-based services but ever withdrawal Slack,” he pronounced in a statement

The understanding also includes several other elements including integrating AWS Key Management Service with Slack Enterprise Key Management (EKM) for encryption pivotal management, deeper fixing with AWS’s chatbot use and approach formation with AWS AppFlow to capacitate secure send of information between Slack and Amazon S3 storage and a Amazon Redshift information warehouse.

AWS CEO Andy Jassy saw it as a pristine formation play. “Together, AWS and Slack are giving developer teams a ability to combine and innovate faster on a front finish with applications, while giving them a ability to well conduct their backend cloud infrastructure,” Jassy pronounced in a statement.

Like any good deal, it’s good for both sides. Slack gets a large patron in AWS and AWS now has Slack directly integrating some-more of a services. One of a reasons craving users are so smitten with Slack is a ability to get work finished in a singular place but constantly have to change concentration and pierce between interfaces.

This understanding will yield some-more of that for common customers, while tweaking a common rival. That’s what we call win-win.

Stewart Butterfield says Microsoft sees Slack as existential threat

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