Published On: Wed, May 20th, 2020

Skybound Stamps Out Rumours Of A Fifth Season Of The Walking Dead Video Game

The Walking DeadThe Walking Dead

While many video diversion rumours spin out to be true, a lot of them also finish adult removing totally out of control. One that’s gained traction over a past week is about a intensity fifth deteriorate of a Skybound and Telltale Games’ video diversion series, The Walking Dead. It was even believed to be called “A Fatal Frontier”.

In a post over on The Walking Dead diversion subreddit, Skybound VP of Online Content Brian Huntingdon explained how a group routinely let conjecture go, though in this sold box felt a need to pronounce adult to endorse a “leak” was feign before things got out of hand. The central Skybound Twitter criticism followed this up:

One fan asked Huntingdon if deteriorate 5 had even been considered, and what a altogether chances of it function were. The Skybound central pronounced it was “very unlikely” and that holding over deteriorate 4 was crazy enough:

I never contend never in these parts, though how tighten can we get to zero? Especially in these crazy times, really unlikely. Taking over growth to finish Season 4 was crazy, generally for us given we’re not a growth house.

So, there we have it Walking Dead fans – deteriorate 5 won’t be function and a compared rumours and leaks are fake.

How do we feel about this news – were we anticipating for a fifth deteriorate of TWD? Would we like to see some-more companies shutdown rumours like this before they benefit traction online? Leave a criticism below.

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