Published On: Tue, May 26th, 2020

SkateBIRD Is No Longer Landing On Switch In 2020, Gets Pushed To Next Year


After featuring in final December’s Indie World Showcase with a projected recover date of ‘late 2020’, SkateBIRD‘s developer Glass Bottom Games has announced that a diversion will be behind until 2021. A Kickstarter success behind in Jun final year, it facilities a garland of skateboarding fowl pulling heelflips and harsh around Tony Hawk-style in skatepark levels, though we won’t be personification it this year.

The news came around a game’s Kickstarter page. Given a stream state of a world, it’s easy to suppose a dev group struggling with financial pressures and other worries. Thankfully, that doesn’t seem to be a box according to creator Megan Fox (not that one). Writing in a Kickstarter update, she reassures backers about a standing of a diversion and a team:

We’re not financially imperiled (unlike a lot of my friends in a use industry, yikes – greatfully assistance where we can, tip good if you’re removing delivery, etc). We’re fine, really. Between a Kickstarter and some height deals, we’re some-more than saved by launch. However. The diversion is holding longer than designed due to normal iteration stuff. For instance, we’re gonna go for a story mode! Like an ACTUAL story mode, not a findable tapes side-story we’d creatively planned. Then raise on there that during slightest my capability has halved or some-more given of – we know, all outward right now? – and it’s best to flog a can down a road.

The check might come as a beating to anyone who watched a trailer and got excited, though it seems that it will advantage from some-more caring and courtesy afforded by this additional time. Fox sum other positives, including carrying some-more hands on rug behind a scenes to assistance give a diversion an additional covering of polish.

We positively favourite a demeanour of SkateBIRD from a entrance trailer (see below). It’s been a while given a Hawk himself has put out a decent skateboard diversion (although he has remasters entrance out shortly on other platforms), so hopefully his avian counterparts can move a products to Switch, notwithstanding a delay.

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