Published On: Thu, Mar 16th, 2017

Six months in, iMessage App Store expansion slows as developers remove interest

When a iMessage App Store initial launched, it was touted as the subsequent vast height for apps – a new approach for developers to benefit users and make money, and was followed by an initial swell of iMessage app downloads. Now, however, a fad is vanishing as is a app store’s growth. During a initial few months after a debut, a iMessage App Store was saying expansion of over 100 percent month-over-month. Between Jan and Feb of this year, that’s forsaken down to usually 9 percent.

According to a new news from app comprehension organisation Sensor Tower, there are scarcely 5,000 Message-enabled apps – a same series of iOS apps expelled in year one of a App Store. That should be a earnest figure, given how many a iOS App Store has grown over time – it has 2.2 million apps as of January, 2017, Apple said.

But distinct a iOS App Store, a iMessage App Store is already saying a developer seductiveness and excitement wearing off.

From a launch in September, 2016 and a finish of October, Sensor Tower says a series of iMessage-enabled apps had grown approximately 116 percent to scarcely 1,100. By November, that figure had grown another 108 percent to around 2,250 apps. But by Dec – particularly a month when developers rush to be prepared for a countless users unwrapping new iPhones and installing apps – expansion slowed to 65 percent, bringing a store to 3,700 iMessage apps.

Growth continued to tumble in a new year, with 18 percent expansion from December, 2016 to January, 2017 followed by 9 percent expansion from Jan to February, 2017.

Games continue to be a many renouned iMessage app category, forward of entertainment, utilities, amicable networking, and print video apps. However, even within these categories, many of a apps are stickers – like those that use a existent IP from a renouned gaming franchise, for example.

Of course, it should be approaching that expansion will finish off to some border after a new platform’s launch, as this is a time when developers pull out their new apps in sequence to be ready for a new users. However, to see expansion so tighten to leveling off this early into a iMessage App Store’s existence should be concerning for Apple and a developer village – it suggests that users have not nonetheless embraced apps on iMessage in vast numbers.

There are a series of reasons that could be a case, trimming from bad user interface pattern choices, to a accumulation of accessible apps (nothing truly groundbreaking), to a ubiquitous clarity of app overkill among iOS users.

I myself am something of an app addict, though find iMessage apps unwieldy to use since of a user interface. Many users might still not even comprehend there’s an app store tucked divided underneath their keyboard, in fact, since of a approach a formation has been designed.

Meanwhile, a some-more iMessage apps we install, a some-more severe it is to appropriate by all their small icons to find a one we want.

Plus, given a recognition of plaque packs, it seems that instead of forcing users to appropriate over to a right app to entrance these fluent add-ons, your plaque downloads should be accessible right from your keyboard.

As it stands now, it’s a lot of work to get to a plaque we wish – we daub a arrow subsequent to your iMessage content box to find a “app store” button, that takes we to a final app we used. You afterwards have to daub a four-dot symbol on a bottom left to lapse to your list of apps, afterwards appropriate by a pages until we find a app for a stickers we wish to content to your friend.

This user interface upsurge creates regulating an app in a center of a review something that slows things down, instead of adding value.

By comparison, demeanour at how Facebook Messenger does things – or any other messaging app for that matter. Stickers are usually one tap away. If Apple truly wants iMessage to turn one of a tip messaging platforms – it needs to consider about what already works in a incomparable messaging app market, and make a required adjustments. With any luck, we’ll see this problem addressed in a subsequent vast iOS release.

If Apple doesn’t, afterwards it wouldn’t be a startle to see developers wholly desert a iMessage App Store in preference of other messaging platforms where their apps are some-more manifest and can get traction.

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