Published On: Fri, Apr 17th, 2020

Site News: If You’ve Got A Moment, Could You Complete This Reader Survey?

This is how we suppose a Gamer Network group meetings...This is how we suppose a Gamer Network group meetings...
This is how we suppose a Gamer Network group meetings…

Yes, it’s that time of year (again). Our partners over during Gamer Network have put together another stirring reader consult and we’d really, really conclude it if we filled it out – especially so we demeanour like a many renouned site on a network in their stats.

If we hadn’t realised we are now solely saved by promotion and whilst, to be honest, conjunction we nor Gamer Network caring about your particular shopping habits, annual income, and so on, intensity advertisers do seem to care, and they need to have a design of who they are promotion to. Hence this consult paints that design for them – all anonymously, of course.

So, if we have 5-10 mins to gangling currently we’d be really happy if we took a time to fill it out. Most questions are optional, so if we don’t wish to answer something, don’t answer it.

Thanks, you’re awesome.

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