Published On: Thu, Jul 7th, 2016

Signs of a new Samsung Gear VR are surfacing

It’s been reduction than a year given a consumer Gear VR was initial shown off and it already seems as yet Samsung and Oculus are regrouping to pull out a new chronicle of a earlier mobile VR headset.

A Dutch Samsung rumors site inexplicably found a inventory from an Indian imports database that highlights a new model series (SM-R323) for a Gear VR device being shipped. Interesting, given a number falls after a stream Gear VR’s SM-R322 indication series and a Gear VR Innovator Edition’s SM-R321 before it. We know literally zero else, solely that these units are just “for contrast and analysis purpose.”


The timing on this is really interesting, though. With a existent headset less than a year aged and with a new Samsung smartphone (a new Note) on a horizon, that may embrace a new USB Type-C connector, the harmony of a existent Gear VR with Samsung’s whole line competence be timing out.

All of this is occurring as Mobile VR is about to be blown far-reaching open by Google Daydream. It’s still unclear whether Samsung has any seductiveness in boosting the compatibility of its next-gen Galaxy inclination with Daydream or if it will continue to go it alone.

This sold iteration is critical to Oculus, whose Gear VR play has proven intensely profitable to a VR company, that has by many estimates seen much of a marketplace invasion entrance from a mobile height (granted, many of those headsets were given divided for free).

Oculus’s indication of operative directly with Samsung during a complement turn was profitable in terms of compelling a seamlessness of program and hardware, though with Daydream that indication competence shortly find itself old-fashioned and illogical relocating forward. The pivotal will be rising a next-generation Gear VR with facilities that make it an irresistible upgrade, even among Daydream-compatible phones.

The biggest underline on many people’s wish lists is inside-out positional tracking, that would give VR headset wearers a ability to pierce by space within practical environments though carrying outmost sensors set up. Right now, Gear VR users are compelled to enchanting with content by relocating their heads around from a bound point.

Oculus CTO John Carmack has waxed elegant on a hurdles of nailing positional tracking, so it competence be beforehand to design this underline in a next-gen Gear VR headset, though it also seems to be a clearest jump in a foreground, for what it’s worth. Other possibilities could engage eye-tracking or hand-tracking systems, though it approaching won’t be anything that finds itself too during contingency with a PC-powered Rift, as Oculus is relocating toward being as cross-platform as probable content-wise.

It has been reduction than a year given a consumer Gear VR was unveiled, so it competence seem a bit early for a new headset to emerge, though with how fast sensor tech is evolving, it’s flattering impractical to design that headsets will iterate during a same gait as diversion consoles. Whether a new headset comes onward mid-cycle for a S7 around a Galaxy Note 6/7 launch (expected subsequent month, so maybe a bit unlikely) or binds out for a S8 launches will flattering dramatically impact what a headsets are able of specs-wise and only how on-going Samsung seems among a mobile VR competitors.

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