Published On: Tue, Jan 29th, 2019

Show Off In Front Of Your House Guests With This Sleek NES Controller Bottle Opener

Up Up Down Down Bottle Opener NES

If we occur to suffer your gaming with a peculiar libation or two, this NES controller-shaped bottle opener competence come in quite accessible – and it only so happens to be one of a coolest takes on a general domicile object we’ve seen, too.

Part of a Kickstarter crowdfunding debate that has left live today, a bottle opener is indeed offering in dual variants: customary and slim. Both of these are of a same tallness and breadth as Nintendo’s really possess controller, with all of a buttons accurately where you’d design to find them. As a Kickstarter page states, “your fingers will tumble naturally into place on a buttons and instruction pad, prepared to punch a few blocks, jump onto a mushroom, or enter your favourite lie code”.

You can see close-ups of both variants side by side below. Each comes with an “Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A – Start Drinking!” sticker, with a customary chronicle being done of 1/2 in. aluminium and a slim being cut from immaculate steel. Each one comes tucked divided in a possess small box, and smoothness is approaching by no after than May should a plan be a success.


At a time of writing, early bird subsidy options are still available, permitting we to get a slim and customary variants for $20 and $40 respectively. Feel giveaway to check out a product’s Kickstarter page to see a bottle opener in movement and to obstacle your own.

Would we like one of these for yourself? Do we collect gaming-influenced products for your home? Let us know if you’ll be removing one of these in a comments.

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