Published On: Fri, Feb 28th, 2020

Shovel Knight Dig Won’t Arrive Until 2021, Yacht Club Confirms

Shovel Knight Dig 02

A tiny flurry of announcements forsaken yesterday pleasantness of Yacht Club Games, such as a exhibit of Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon and an refurbish confirming Shovel Knight amiibo support for Cyber Shadow. If that wasn’t adequate spade-based bravery for you, a association also expelled some some-more information per a arriving Shovel Knight Dig, including a exhibit of a new horseman and acknowledgment that a diversion is scheduled for a 2021 launch.

Yes, while things are reportedly surpassing well, it seems that a diversion won’t be rising this year. The group during Yacht Club also took a event to deliver a latest further to a series’ ever-growing register of characters. He’s called Hive Knight and here’s a demeanour during him in further to some sum from Yacht Club’s website:

HiveKnight 2 630x671

This bug-loving spelunker is never to be found but his constant Beeto partner during his side. With a energy of their teamwork, as good as some specially-modified armor, Hive Knight has a capability to fly and conflict only like an insect! Hive Knight is certain to ‘bug’ Shovel Knight when a blue burrower dares set feet in their Entomological enclave.

While it might be unsatisfactory to hear we won’t be doing what Shovel Knight does best in 2020, there’s positively no necessity of calm featuring a wooer one. That being a case, we’re certain we’ll tarry while Yacht Club continues mine on this project.

You can review about a hands-on impressions of a diversion final Sep and check out a proclamation trailer below:

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