Published On: Mon, May 29th, 2017

Shenmue 3 Won’t Be At The E3 2017; New Video Showcases New Character

The proclamation of Shenmue 3, a long-awaited third entrance in a array combined by Yu Suzuki, is one of a best announcements that came during E3 2015. The arriving PS4 and PC diversion skipped final year’s E3, however, and it seems like it won’t be shown during this year’s book as well.

In a new Kickstarter update, it’s been reliable that a group will be devoting Jun to diversion growth and will skip E3 this year.

We have also been receiving questions from a backers per a skeleton to attend in arriving diversion shows. While a report has nonetheless to be finalized, we will be devoting Jun to diversion growth and as a result, will unfortunately not be participating in any diversion shows. On a other hand, we demeanour brazen to bringing we a monthly updates and wish we do too!

Today’s refurbish also includes a new video that showcases a code new character. You can check out a video by going here.

It’s been some time given we had any arrange of refurbish on a growth of Shenmue 3. Back in December, Yu Suzuki and his group reliable that they changed into full prolongation this year.

RD for several diversion elements is on march as a growth group shifts a concentration towards production. Main diversion scenarios are impending completion, suit constraint tests are good underneath way, and voicing tests with a expel have begun. Yu-san and a prolongation staff are happy to contend they are enjoying a work as they continue to diligently make swell on a mini-games, events, and battles.

Shenmue 3 is now in growth for PlayStation 4 and PC.

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