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Shadow Tactics Developer on a Challenge of Console Ports, Supporting a Switch & More

It’s been over 10 years given a final Commandos game. In all this time, it’s been tough to find another good diversion in that niche genre. Luckily, German studio Mimimi Productions astounded everybody with Shadow Tactics: Blades of a Shogun, that Chris rated 8.5/10 in his PC review.

Shadow Tactics: Blades of a Shogun is a illusory lapse to form for a real-time strategy genre, with a sold importance on secrecy formed gameplay. Reminiscent of Commandos, it offers a illusory tactical proceed in a brilliantly designed universe that will do some-more than adequate to squeeze anybody’s attention. Not yet a difficulty, it’s never too tough that it’s unfair.

The diversion is rising currently on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, where a giveaway demo will be accessible for download. We took a event to pronounce with Dennis Huszak, Communications Director during Mimimi Productions, on what’s subsequent for a studio and a Shadow Tactics IP.

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Were we astounded by a success enjoyed with Shadow Tactics? The diversion perceived clever critical

To be honest, we didn’t design critics to like it as most as they did. Sure, we were assured in the
game, and we discriminating a ruin out of it to strech a peculiarity standard. But when you’re reviving a
dead genre, we always run a risk that people only don’t get it, or that your gameplay isn’t modern
enough. We’re really, REALLY happy with all a adore we got for a game, from gamers as good as

Your prior diversion was a platformer. What stirred we to pierce to a real-time strategy
genre with Shadow Tactics: Blades of a Shogun?

Our Creative Director Dominik Abé is a outrageous fan of a aged Commandos games. It was kind of a
dream behind in university to revitalise this genre. When a time came to representation a subsequent large devise to
publishers, we threw what we called “Commandos with ninjas” into a mix, and Daedalic desired it
instantly. And that was a commencement of a dream entrance true.

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Why did we confirm to set a diversion in a Edo period?

When you’re creation a Commandos-type game, it’s critical to have a certain grade of realism.
So, if we wanted ninjas in a picturesque setting, we had to hang to a certain time frame. We chose the
Edo duration over a Warring States duration since we wanted missions to take place not only in
military camps and palace sieges, yet also in some-more polite settings like still villages and bustling cities.
Another critical thing was that we wanted to have blades and guns in a game. And after some
or maybe a lot of investigate we found out that a Edo duration was simply perfect.

You have settled that there is no time to furnish some-more calm for a diversion and that we are operative on a new game. Is there any possibility we competence get behind to a IP and make a supplement in a future, though?

There’s always a chance, yes. Currently, we’re operative on a subsequent project, yet that doesn’t mean
that we couldn’t lapse to a universe of ninja and samurai in a destiny title. When we combined a IP,
we also suspicion about games holding place in opposite settings, something that fans also suggested
many times in a Steam Forums: Shadow Tactics: China, Shadow Tactics: Wild West, and so on. The regulation works really good with that, so we’ll see where a destiny takes us. Right now we are operative on something that we are flattering certain fans of Shadow Tactics gonna like a lot.

Similarly, we have pronounced that there is no time to pier a diversion on a Switch. However, will your new diversion be grown for a Switch, too?

We only perceived a Switch Developer pack and we´d adore to see a games on this good square of
hardware. But in terms of performance, it´s really tough to make a diversion that works good on any
hardware. For us, it´s really critical that a players can select where they wish to play a games. And we wish to pledge that a knowledge is a same. So yeah, we’re looking into it, yet we can’t make any promises during this indicate about bringing a subsequent diversion to a Switch.

How formidable was porting a diversion to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One? Is there anything vital you
had to sacrifice?

It’s satisfactory to contend that it was a really large challenge. We didn’t have a time to entirely optimize a game
when we initial expelled it on Steam. After launch, we designed to spend a subsequent 3 months on a console versions. It took us twice as prolonged to get a diversion using smoothly. That said, we’re really unapproachable of a results, and we wish to also move a improvements to PC in a destiny patch. I’m happy to contend that a console versions humour no hillside in peculiarity whatsoever and can´t wait to see how console players will accept a game.

Will a diversion have PlayStation 4 Pro support during launch and if so, that enhancements can PS4 Pro
owners design over a bottom PS4 version?

The PS4 Pro is absolute adequate to run a diversion during fast 60 FPS, so we give we a choice to lock
the framerate to 60 FPS instead of a default 30 FPS. You can also play with an unbarred framerate, yet your mileage might vary. The customary PS4 reaches about 35-45FPS and is sealed to 30 FPS by default.

Do we devise to recover an refurbish for a Xbox One X when it launches in November? If so, what
kind of opening and/or visible enhancements over a PS4 Pro chronicle will we find?

Right now, a group is operative full time on a subsequent project, so there will be no apart refurbish for
Xbox One X compared to a PS4 Pro. Both versions are a same in regards to peculiarity and

Thank we for your time.

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