Published On: Tue, Aug 29th, 2017

Shadow of War Dev on “Tweaking” Its Engine for Xbox One X Development, “The Full Gamut” of HDR & 4K

Matt Allen, executive of Technical Art during Shadow of War developer Monolith Productions, talks about Xbox One X development, and a beauty of HDR and 4K resolution.

Being partial of a Xbox One family, building for Xbox One X has been sincerely easy – something that has been reliable by several studios, including Forza developer Turn 10 Studios. In a new talk published by, Monolith’s technical art executive talks about adjusting their LithTech engine to take advantage of a Xbox One X’s some-more absolute hardware.

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“So a engine has a flattering cold layer, where a calm guys usually go and make impossibly high res stuff. 8K face textures for a orcs, 16K physique textures… millions of triangles on a models”, Allen said. “And there’s a covering that says: I’m going to do this so it works on a low-end PC, and I’m going to do this for PS4 and Xbox One’. So that means when a some-more absolute complement comes out all we have to do is tweak that layer, since a calm guys are creation things we still can’t show.”

According to a technical director, it took a growth group roughly one day to get Shadow of War regulating on a strange Xbox One X [Project Scorpio] growth kits.

From a calm standpoint, it didn’t take prolonged to get it working. From an engineering standpoint, since it shares a lot of DNA with Windows 10 – and we are already regulating on Windows 10 – it took a engineering executive about a day to get it regulating on a strange Scorpio kits. It wasn’t perfect; there were corner cases, so it concerned a bit of tinkering, though it was not a lot of additional work.

Allen went on to explain that a additional work was concerned in adjusting a game’s lighting due to a further of High Dynamic Range (HDR).

The additional work comes in with a additional things we can do, like HDR. HDR is a colour space that is sort-of new to games, and a lot of games are regulating physically-based rendering. We grown PBR in a customary colour range, though when we get into HDR a colour operation gets all wonky, since there is so most more… so there was about a month of iteration perplexing to get a lighting correct.

Allen also mentioned a beauty of examination Shadow of War in 4K fortitude and HDR.

After we have shown a things to a journalists, a artists will come in and demeanour during it since they have usually seen their things in 4K. And saying it in HDR, they get to see a full progression of how a lighting affects all of these materials. And we get a quarrel of artists usually staring during their work… it’s like they’re saying it for a initial time. When we usually see it, and it’s new and we have zero to review it to, we consider it looks cool. But if we know a calm well, it is usually so different. And when we have seen it like this, and we go behind to a prior version, it usually looks dull. We’ve had bugs where they’ve pronounced all looks a bit grey, though it’s usually that they’re personification it in SDR, and they’re used to it in HDR.

Middle-Earth Shadow of War will recover on Xbox One (enhanced for Xbox One X), PC, and PS4 (with PS4 Pro support) on Oct 10.

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