Published On: Sun, Aug 20th, 2017

Shadow of a Tomb Raider Teased for Possible Gamescom Reveal

Shadow of a Tomb Raider competence be really tighten to being suggested by Square Enix. You competence remember that a diversion was a no-show during E3 2017, only like we had anticipated.

At that time, authorization Senior Community Manager Meagan Marie pronounced that fans would be means to locate adult with Lara’s new journey “later” in 2017. Well, Gamescom 2017 always sounded like a protected gamble and now a exhibit subsequent week seems even some-more likely, with a central authorization Instagram comment posting a screenshot from Rise of a Tomb Raider and observant how Lara is looking during “what’s to come”.

shadow-of-the-tomb-raiderRelated Shadow of a Tomb Raider Environments, Weaponry and Logos Might Have Leaked

Not most is famous about a game, that was initial leaked in Nov 2016 when a pointless fan snapped a design of a display for Shadow of a Tomb Raider from a developer who was on his same metro.

This happened in Montreal, that gives us some-more certainty in observant that growth is essentially being rubbed by Eidos Montreal rather than Crystal Dynamics, now bustling with a Avengers project.

A integrate months ago, another trickle happened around selling studio Takeoff Creative. This supposing us some resources including a intensity trademark of Shadow of a Tomb Raider as good as Lara doing new weapons such as a machete, a sword and a spear. It also showcased Lara subsequent to Aztec pyramids, suggesting that during slightest partial of a diversion could be set in Mexico.

Shadow of a Tomb Raider will expected recover for all vital platforms during once, distinct a prior installment that became argumentative for a proxy Xbox exclusivity agreement between Square Enix and Microsoft. Considering that Rise of a Tomb Raider initial expelled in Nov 2015, a recover in a initial half of 2018 is a clever possibility.

We’ll keep we updated on any serve rumors and central news, so stay tuned.

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