Published On: Mon, Sep 25th, 2017

Settings App On Oreo Crashes When Users Try To Check Data or WiFi Usage

Android 8.0 Oreo has been using into a lot of troubles lately. The latest emanate to cocktail adult on a chronicle is a pile-up of Settings app whenever users try to check mobile information or WiFi usage. The emanate has already started irritating users who keep a add-on on their information usage. Apparently, Settings app gives adult as shortly as information use choice is tapped.

A user named Artem took to Twitter to share a emanate he has been experiencing on his Pixel XL phone. Several other users also replied to his chatter claiming that they are experiencing a same problem, too. Another chatter by Eddie Ringle states that a repair for this emanate was submitted to a categorical bend of AOSP, yet it didn’t get enclosed in a Pixel XL’s Oreo recover branch.

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For now, a emanate seems to be inspiring Oreo inclination with too many internet-connected apps using simultaneously. If we are on Oreo and experiencing a same emanate afterwards maybe we can try to revoke your apps to check information stats. Oreo using inclination other than a Pixel XL might also be influenced by a same issue, yet users who don’t check information or WiFi stats might never get to know about it.

If we are one of those who don’t keep a check on their information or WiFi use afterwards we won’t be influenced by this issue. But if you’re among those who like to lane their use cycle, afterwards we will have to wait until Google comes adult with a repair for it. This bug is not new though, if we check this Issue Tracker entrance afterwards we will find someone stating a same emanate during Xiaomi in Mar 2017.

Are we also confronting a same emanate on your Oreo using device? If yes, afterwards do let us know in a comments territory below. We will be updating this essay as shortly as Google addresses a emanate and starts rolling a repair for it.

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