Published On: Sat, Feb 18th, 2017

Set macOS to Empty Trash Automatically After 30 Days – How to

Here’s how we can set macOS to dull Trash automatically after a duration of 30 days. We will uncover we how to retreat this movement as well.

Empty Trash Automatically and Save Space on Your Mac Instantly

As we keep on regulating a Mac, we will expected amass a lot of rabble files which we eventually get absolved of on a timely basis. But, that junk goes on to live in Trash inside macOS, a place that itself accommodates space on our Mac’s tough drive.

Admit it, while we do get absolved of files to keep things tidy, yet we spasmodic forget to dull a Trash to save space. But we will be gratified to learn that macOS can do it for we automatically after a duration of 30 days.

Follow a beam next on how to do so.


1. In a Mac menu bar, click on a Finder button.

2. Now click on Preferences.

3. A new window will open up. Click on Advanced during a top.

4. There’s an choice called ‘Remove equipment from a Trash after 30 days.’ Click to name it.

With a choice enabled, macOS will automatically dull a Trash after a duration of 30 days. But keep one thing in mind: once we have emptied a Trash, it’s left for good. If there was something we were anticipating to recover, afterwards we can lick it goodbye, until or unless we have entrance to record liberation tools.

In sequence to retreat what we have done, simply follow a above stairs again and uncheck the Remove equipment from a Trash after 30 days option.

Having a choice incited on or off both have their advantages and disadvantages. For instance, if we have a robe of incidentally deletion files afterwards we competence wish to leave a choice disabled. But, if it’s giveaway space we are always after, afterwards withdrawal a underline on would be a wiser choice.

Personally, we leave a underline incited on now. Why? Because a final time we dull a rabble manually, we liberated adult around 100GB of trash. Now that is a lot of space that we conduct to giveaway adult instantly. Your box can be totally opposite though.

It would be good if Apple authorised users to set manually when a Trash should be emptied automatically. Rather than a common 30 day period, one could set macOS to dull a Trash after let’s say, 10 days instead.

Are we listening to me, Apple?

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