Published On: Wed, Oct 11th, 2017

Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash Review – Soaking Wet

Senran Kagura is a array synonymous with shapely ninjas and positively has a cult following around a life and hometown this array represents. From side-scrolling movement games to cooking-themed stroke games, there’s so most that these ninja girls will do for a consequence of fun. With Summer solemnly transitioning into Autumn, there’s time for one final outing to a beach, bikinis and all. While carrying some fun in a sun, because not move out a super soakers and spin a weekend into a contest of skill? That’s usually what a thirty-plus girls will do in Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash, a third-person shooter where a idea is to have fun and get a small wet.

When we initial laid eyes on a grounds for Peach Beach Splash, we had my wordless hopes that this would be something in a same capillary as Splatoon with shapely anime girls. However, those hopes were fast dashed when we detected that this latest Senran Kagura journey was a normal third-person shooter wrapped adult in a fun day during a beach. There’s no territory fight or perplexing to widespread as most of your team’s watercolors on a map for control. Instead, take aim and blast a rivalry group in a face with your H2O cannon for limit effectiveness.

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No matter that Senran Kagura lady is your personal favorite, she’ll be around in full excellence in Peach Beach Splash. Divided adult into half a dozen teams, a several Academy students are competing for excellence and to perform their one wish, whatever that competence be. Set adult as a gameshow opposite mixed episodes, Peach Beach Splash’s debate offers a innuendo-driven discourse and amusement a array is famous for. It wouldn’t be a correct Senran Kagura pretension though dress customization, so have fun in a sauce room, we stupid deviants.

Everything from a hairstyles to swimwear and even awkwardly-placed sushi rolls can be employed openly to customize any shinobi competitor with their possess singular style. There’s a far-reaching arrangement of unlockable costumes as good as DLC costumes that are some-more titillating than anything a ESRB should’ve authorized in good taste. Or we could usually make everybody dress adult like Katsuragi and be my hero, we won’t judge. Just be aware of where we hang that futomaki roll…

For a Peach Beach Splash tournament, a usually reduction is that a womanlike contestants aren’t authorised to use their shinobi sorcery or weapons. So, put down those swords and collect adult a H2O cannon. Or twin super soakers or H2O sniper purloin or grenade launcher. How any of these upheld a acceptance proviso to be used in a beach contest is over me, though they’re positively effective during what they do. Once an rivalry ninja is knocked out, we can serve disparage them by hosing them down with a rubber ducky that shoots out H2O (which can be upgraded with other ‘fluids’ after on). It’s usually as creepy as it sounds, though if you’re usually looking for a rival shooter though those additional suacy bits, they can be toggled off.

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On a aloft problem levels of Peach Beach Splash, rather than holding tender ability into account, a problem comes by approach of increasing numbers. Even if you’re an consultant soaker and skilful during escaped incoming attacks, you’re firm to get knocked out in a integrate of hits. we attempted this for myself by seeking out tough mode missions during my initial playthrough as a Gessen academy group and found myself stranded in battles of attrition. Unless we energy adult your cards and ninja’s health pools, you’re going to be swimming in low repairs attacks that usually won’t infer to be really effective.

To energy adult your shinobi arsenal, all comes by approach of cards. These additional boosters can be purchased around in-game money and come in opposite flavors depending on how distant you’ve progressed by a story. By appropriation transcribe cards, these are now converted into a form of energy banking that is used to accelerate both shinobi lady and rigging alike. As opposite battlefields call for weapons in both prolonged and short-range varieties, it isn’t endorsed to deposit all of your upgrades into a singular arms type. Be diverse, bend out a small bit, and try out some of a weirder weapons like a futomaki bazooka. The weapons aren’t as different as, say, Splatoon’s, though they any have their uses and can get your competition usually as shower soppy with correct caring and usage.

Peach Beach Splash’s online modes take full advantage of those cards and time invested into leveling adult your favorite shinobi lass. My initial few matches in Online Play were an practice of patience, between removing sniped by H2O cannons opposite a map or max arrange ability cards. If we was going to mount any possibility online and not get soaked,  I had to do a few some-more of a story routes and Paradise Episodes in sequence to accumulate adult adequate cards to accelerate my skills and rage them into some-more absolute variants.

It’s tough to quantify Peach Beach Splash as a shooter though focusing on a passionate innuendo that creates a array so unique. Without a appeal, it’s an above-average group shooter that swaps railguns for eruption guns. However, it’s a life and hometown that these ninja girls consolidate that creates Senran Kagura such an endearing series, even if we competence have to wait for a object to go down before we start playing.

Review formula supposing by a publisher. You can buy a diversion on Amazon.

For those looking for some (not so) purify fun in a sun, Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash gives a array a reason to lapse a beach and wish this summer vacation would never end. It’s an beguiling shooter, as prolonged as we don’t design it to be a critical one.

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