Published On: Tue, Apr 11th, 2017

Selling Your Mac? Do This First Before Handing it Over

If we have motionless to sell your Mac to someone, afterwards here is a tiny list of things we should do before handing it over.

Backup and Wipe Your Data Securely, Install a Fresh Copy of macOS Remove Your Mac from iCloud

Selling anything online or locally is easy. But doing it a right way, ensuring everything is protected and secure, competence need some legwork. See, when we are offered a computer, there’s a risk that your information competence fall into a wrong hands even if we implement a uninformed duplicate of a OS on it. But, given we are reading this, and lay on a Mac side of a fence, follow a stairs summarized subsequent before offered your mechanism to someone else.

Backup Your Data

This competence take a while if we have a lot of files on your Mac, though it’s value a effort. Make certain we backup all onto an outmost storage middle or iCloud. Using a former is some-more fit given it’s some-more quicker. If we have a Time Machine setup during home, afterwards we can implement that as well. Last though not a least, make certain we check out a Photos app to backup your snaps and videos.

Wipe Your Mac’s Storage Securely Then Install a Fresh Copy of macOS

This is positively critical given we information can be recovered regulating third-party collection after on. So, before we implement a uninformed duplicate of macOS onto your Mac, purify a expostulate positively clean. First and foremost, confirm how we are going to implement a uninformed duplicate of macOS on your Mac. You can possibly do it regulating a USB, or if we have a quick adequate Internet connection, an over a atmosphere choice is accessible as well. Follow a guides subsequent that cover both in detail.

  • How to Clean Install macOS / OS X Without a USB Drive
  • How to Clean Install macOS Sierra – Tutorial

Once we have motionless that track we are going to take, as shortly as we see a page summarized below, follow a stairs as they are summarized before clicking on a Install macOS option.

1. Click on Disk Utility.

2. Select Your Mac’s storage expostulate from a left palm corner.

3. Now click on Erase during a top.

4. See that Security Options box? Click on it.

5. Drag a slider towards a More Secure finish afterwards click on OK. Then name Erase.

The last step is going to take utterly a while. Maybe adult to a integrate of hours. But in a end, your information traces will be prolonged gone, and zero can be recovered regardless of what apparatus is used.

If we wish to repeat a routine with a USB peep expostulate from within macOS, afterwards follow a beam posted subsequent here: How to Securely Erase a Drive and Make Data Unrecoverable in macOS.

Once a erase routine is complete, only implement macOS on your Mac and we are one step closer to offered your mechanism to someone.

Remove Your Mac from iCloud

Since we are giving your Mac away, therefore it’s nonessential to have it tied with your iCloud account. Follow a stairs subsequent on how to mislay it.

1. Open your Web browser and go to:

2. Sign in with your Apple ID and password.

3. Once sealed in, click on Settings.

4. Under a My Devices section, find your Mac. Click on it, afterwards click on a small ‘X’ idol subsequent to it in sequence to undo it from iCloud.

Clean it Pack it Up

That’s it. You’re prepared to palm over your Mac and contest your deal. Make certain we purify your Mac regulating a softly damp microfiber cloth for limit effect.

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