Published On: Fri, Jan 11th, 2019

Sega Teases New Ocean View Map And Music Track For Team Sonic Racing


Continuing a new trend of releasing videos each few weeks, Sega has common another provoke for a arriving Team Sonic Racing, once again display off one of a marks entrance to a diversion and a concomitant soundtrack.

This time around we’re all streamer to a beach with a spacious new ‘Ocean View’ track; Sonic and friends will find themselves surfing around a beachside highway, with a poetic view of waves (and speeding hedgehogs) crashing in a distance. Accompanying a new map is a suitably beachy lane from iconic Sonic array composer Jun Senoue, who has partnered with artists Richard Jaques S.A.M.E. Eager fans will notice that a indeed an instrumental remix of ‘You Can Do Anything’ from Sonic CD.

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