Published On: Sat, Apr 25th, 2020

Sega Shiro Needs To Stop Sega Going Bankrupt In This New Video

celebrating a 60th anniversary and is carrying a whale of a time creation off a wall videos to applaud Hiroshi Fujioka, an actor who played a purpose of Sega Saturn’s mascot behind in a day. In a video above we see his son Maito Fujioka reprise a purpose of a biggest Sega fan to beauty a propagandize playground.

As a video goes on, it gets foreigner and stranger. Here’s a interpretation pleasantness of a folks over during Siliconera:

Girl 1: “Sega Shiro, is that a Switch?”

Sega Shiro: “It’s Sega! (Game Gear – expelled in 1990)”

Girl 2: “Are those sunglasses?”

Sega Shiro: “It’s Sega! (Sega 3-D Glasses – expelled in 1987)”

Girl 3: “Is that a backpack?”

Sega Shiro: “It’s Sega! (Sega Saturn – expelled in 1994)

Girl 4: “What is it that you’re always wearing?”

(Enter flashback scene)

Segata Sanshiro: “Sega Shiro!”

Sega Shiro: “Father…”

Segata Sanshiro: “Bring it! Stronger! Master your Sega!”

Sega Shiro: “Sega! Sega! Sega!”

Segata Sanshiro: “See you.”

(Segata Sanshiro blows up, exit flashback)

Sega Shiro: “Father!!!”

Girl 4: “Look over there!”

???: “Sega is so outdated!”

Sega Shiro: “You asshole!”

Sega Hatan Shiro: “Go bankrupt! Go bankrupt! Go bankrupt, Sega!!!”

Sega Shiro: “Father, we will strengthen Sega!”

As Sega’s 60th anniversary approaches on 3rd June, we demeanour brazen to some-more Sega Shiro antics in a arriving weeks. If anyone can save Sega from bankruptcy, it’s certainly him!

Let us know what we make of this comical video with a criticism below.

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