Published On: Wed, Mar 4th, 2020

Save The Date, Rhythm RPG Nocturne Aims For A 2023 Release On Switch


This story-driven stroke RPG has only seen a ‘Prelude’ – radically a initial section of a diversion – launch on Steam today, alongside news of a betrothed 2023 launch for a full diversion on both Steam and Switch. It’s set in a dystopian destiny where amiability lives in a digital afterlife, as explained in this central description:

Humanity is extinct, though an relate of civilization lives on. Maya, a legendary ideal torture where people desert their fleshly forms in foster of an almighty existence with desired ones in a digital world, is not all as it seems. Decay and crime wait Karma, a world’s initial visitor in thousands of years, and derails a unfortunate try to reunite with their blank hermit on a other side.

Befriend a charmingly quirky organisation like a correct orange fish in priest clothe and a stubborn small child to uncover a mysteries of a Blackout, an puzzling matter that triggered Maya’s thrust into chaos. Test a boundary of tellurian existence, exposing an guileful hazard sneaking among a stays of humanity.

Players will need to impetus to a kick of battle, holding on normal RPG-style fight blended with “intense” stroke battles. You’ll be drumming along to a on-going sonorous stone soundtrack, dodging dangerous records and examination out for other surprises.

If you’re fondness a sound of it, we wish we can understanding with that three-year wait. Feel giveaway to share any thoughts we competence have on it in a comments below.

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